Birthday Selfies

Birthday Weekend Selfies Gone Wild!!

Selfie Mania


Refreshed My Vampire Red Hair Color yesterday.  Also modeling more of my blue mascara with the eyes closed pose.  More Smoochie Fish Face Red Lips Poses! LOL!

Oh Say Can You See My Blue Mascara!!


The Daily Press

This place just opened up this week. When I moved to my Brownsville, Brooklyn neighborhood November 2012 this building was a church. Since it is across the street from where we live my roommate and I went to check it out. They serve coffee, tea and vegan goodies. We had the pleasure of speaking with the owner and he seems to be friendly.

Nice space with lots of potential. They are still putting on some finishing touches and it will be slamming as they progress.

My roommate treated me to a mint tea and vegan blueberry muffin. Yummy!

♡ ☆  I Give the Daily Press 4 Stars out of a possible Five. Once they finish all their construction I will give them 5 Stars!

Since my roommate is an artist, writer and playwright I suggested to him that as we continue to patronize the business that he broach the idea of having his play at this shop plus poetry readings and a small art show.

This community coffee — tea shop would be ideal for me to do a poetry performance plus a possible photography show. Of course we would be charging a nominal fee for our artistic/creative productions. The Daily Press will make money and We will make money.

Let’s see what the future holds for two artistic and creative people.

27 thoughts on “Birthday Selfies

  1. Leslie Gadsden

    Happy birthday and good luck with possible future projects at that nice Brooklyn space!


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      1. Yes! Thanks! I began my Birthday Self-Care Pampering Project yesterday. Got my hair cut, colored it later in the day, got a pedicure and eyebrow wax. Will continue more pampering on Sunday and Monday. 🙂

    1. Thanks! ❤ Started my Celebration early yesterday by pampering myself with pedicure, hair cut, eyebrow wax…etc…. More pampering to come. My Birthday is actually on Monday, Feb. 27th but I decided to make it a Four day Celebration of Me. I have time off and don't have to go back to work until Tuesday. 🙂 Joy & Happiness!

    1. Thanks! My Birthday is actually Monday, Feb. 27th but I declared and decreed a four day Celebration!! LOL!! I am enjoying myself immensely!! 😀 🙂 Queen Pisces Reigns and Rules her Queendom!! 😀

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow! I like the blue mascara. I tried it before, but it didn’t show up very good. The coffee shop plans sound wonderful. Good luck with going forward! 🙂

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