One Word Photo Challenge: Box

One Word Photo Challenge: Box



Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer -- Grandmother
Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer ~~ Grandmother

Eva Sophronia Gordon Palmer — Grandmother







Listening at the Crossroads


Sometimes we are the Crossroads for a person in need. The Crossroads between Life and Death. Health and sickness. Not on brag on myself but it is only God in me. Here is what I mean. Last year a pregnant African co-worker was being bullied by a supervisor. It hurt me to see her crying. I immediately called our Union Rep from Downtown and continued to make a hue and outcry to Shop Stewards plus Human Resources. I was outraged at the inhumane treatment she received. Sad to say the abuse came from certain white female supervisors. You’d think another woman would be compassionate. Not so.

This young lady could have been my daughter carrying my grand-daughter so I had to act. I could have kept my mouth shut but to me being a Christian calls for action. It requires that you stand up for those who for whatever reason cannot stand up for themselves. Plus I gave her my cell number so she could call or text me. I got the other women in the locker room to raise their voices also. Things began to turn around.

Activism is like fire shut up in my bones! My voice will not be silenced! I just can’t leave it alone and I will not leave the battlefield until I see results.

Good News: My African co-worker had a healthy baby girl early April 2016.


On one of my earlier vacations this year I went to a museum where one of the guards struck up a conversation with me. I too am a museum guard so we had something in common. Feeling at ease this gentleman told me he was 81 years old and still working. He took out his wallet showing me a photo of him as a young man. Then he began to speak of his beloved wife who had passed away about five years before. They had planned their retirement together but the cruelty of death took his dreams away. I did ask him if he had children which he does. Adult children. They encourage him to find someone else but as he said to me that someone else would not be her. The way he lovingly described her touched my heart. Having never been married I could not judge. It was not my place to judge but to listen. Work keeps him alive but he really wants to be reunited with his soul-mate/Life partner. In a way I understood him because my parents were married for 40 years when my Dad died, three years later my Mom joined him. That was their destiny to be reunited once again in Paradise. Sometimes the best thing we can do for people is listen and try to understand, to put yourself in their place. Their feelings are more valid than our opinions.


Recently I came to work early as usual and found one of my male co-workers sitting outside the locker room crying. Another co-worker was trying to comfort him. Frightened that maybe he was sick or needed medical help I asked if I should get help. My co-worker assured me No so I too rub our tearful co-worker’s back and gave words of encouragement. I came to find out later that the poor man has colon cancer and that his father had committed suicide. Whoa! Dear Lord!  Immediately I began to pray for him and confided in a few trusted co-workers who believe in pray and who would keep an eye on him. Basically Don’t want him to follow his father’s path.

When at the Crossroads we are at the foot of the Cross

I don’t know why but many times God has put me in the pathway of people at a crossroads. Different races, religions, faiths, ethnicities. Personally even though I was born and raised as a Christian I feel no obligation to force my beliefs on other people. God does the saving. One God. Many Pathways. God created humans. Humans created religions and often barriers but I believe the Lord wants us to be open to all who need us.

My parents were not particularly religious. They were not church goers however I remember the many times I saw my Mom help a neighbor in need, the lady next door who had just lost her husband, kind words & deeds. My Dad who reached out to many family members who needed his help. In return when we needed help neighbors just came over. We did not even have to ask.

When that the God calls me home I want to hear him say, “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.

Gabriel Hardeman Delegation – Feels Like Fire













Share Your World – 2016 Week 17


With your answers, please remember we are in the SYW world and which may not always match our reality.

When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen? 

In my notebooks which are always with me I use a pen.

What’s your choice: jigsaw, word, maze or numeric puzzles?

I used to do many words puzzles like Find A Word. Don’t do it anymore because it is too difficult for me to see properly. As a child I Loved Jigsaw puzzles. I would do those again if I had time. No maze or numeric for me. Too much for my number challenged brain to figure out. Some of my co-workers are hooked on Sudoku.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 

Right now I’m wearing a medium Afro. I prefer Long Hair but not the work entail in keeping it presentable.  Here are some of my various hairstyles over my 57 years. From traditional plaits, the terror of the straightening comb (If you’re a Black Woman over 40 you know what I mean), 70s Afro, Jheri Curls, Dred Locs.

List five some of your favorite blogs.

I know that this is more than five but I wanted to showcase at least eight of my favorites. I Love supporting and encouraging others!!  ❤

Welcome to Lyon Book & Social Media

Mum C Writes

Lionel Sneed Ministries

Kamal Bennani Photography

B is for Blessed

Geetha Balvannanathan

She is Terri Linton

Kiana’s Poetic Awakenings


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

The Right to Vote. Tuesday I Voted for Bernie Sanders in the New York primaries. He did not win but I’m glad I’m able to Vote and I exercise that right every chance I get. Looking forward to next week because I will be on Vacation and it will be my brother Stephen’s 55th Birthday Celebration!!  Woohoo!! Cheers!! Hands Clapping!!








Do For Self!!

For the last few days my arthritis has been kicking up and my ankles are a little swollen.
Am I taking this lying down? No!! Well some rest but I’m taking abbreviated Soulful Struts and I’ve also purchased Turmeric, MSM, Biotin and Moringa Living Bitters which brings me to my next topic.
The Turmeric I got on Amazon which is convenient during the cold months when I do not want to go traipsing about freezing New York City searching for various vitamins and food supplements.
The MSM and Biotin I got from GNC around 84th Street and Lexington. I find their staff to be indifferent and somewhat rude so I will be patronizing my own people. Bottles of vitamins and other products blocked the cash register. The two clerks spent a lot of time gossiping and were not helpful.
The Moringa Living Bitters I purchased from Zam Zam an African store located along Fulton Street near Franklin Avenue. Moringa Living Bitters is a Detox and Energy Beverage which is all Natural and Organic. Taste terrible but so did the Cod Liver Oil Beef Iron wine my Dad used to make us take as children.
The young man in the store was professional, knowledgeable and polite. The store was neatly arranged, clean and smelled great!! Zam Zam offers an excellent wide selection of African products for reasonable prices. Health and Beauty, Cosmetics, Holistic supplements. Everything.
Moral of the Story for peoples of African Descent. Buy Black!! Don’t just complain about the disrespect we regularly get from certain other stores owned by other races. Let’s Move our dollars to our Black Owned stores circulating dollars within our community thus building up the race without having to rely on anyone else but ourselves!! Let us form Alliances with Africa and African merchants in order to better our situation!!

Cloud Mists ~ For Lucy

Apr 20, 2016

Espiritu en Fuego/A Fiery Spirit


Apr 20, 2016


Foggy Misty Morn Central Park Foggy Misty Morn Central Park

Misty Foggy Morn

Foggy Misty morn over Central Park in the ball field Foggy Misty morn over Central Park in the ball field

Cloud Mists ~ For Lucy

Mists Cloud your face yet never your smile, laughter, your cheerfulness, your precious spirit.  Life moves on but there will always be an empty space where you once stood.  You were a sweet and gentle soul. All the world is passing by and I want to shout, Stop! Wait a minute! Don’t you know a melody has ceased playing? A familiar song is now silent?  Here I remain stoic yet crying inside wishing I could reach through this veil of tears and take your hand once again.

20130930_074209 Misty Day


Though we be in the Autumn of our lives we still beam the Girlish Dreams of Youth. When the cord is cut mid-stream will our dreams be cast into the raging…

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