The Purple Haze Glamnation Project



The Purple Haze Glamnation Project




Begin on Clean dry hair. Prior to applying the color I washed my hair and allowed it to air dry.  The color will absorb and take better once you wash out all the hair products you’ve been putting on your hair.

This is messy. And I am sloppy. That’s why you see my bathroom covered with old sheets and towels and I am wearing a ratty beat-up T-Shirt. Unless you want to dye your bathroom and your clothing Purple I suggest that you cover every area of your bathroom that the color may drip on. Wear the plastic gloves which you can get from the Beauty Supply store for less than a dollar. I did put on two plastic conditioning caps to contain the color and allow it get the best application. I usually leave it on for about an hour. I combined two Manic Panic colors into a plastic container that I used as a mixing dish. I’ve done color combinations with their Reds but this is the first time I’m trying to achieve maximum effect with the Purples.

I have 4C hair. If you are Black you know what I mean. Kinky tightly coiled hair. No curls.  Black people have all manner of hair textures. From bone straight to small tight coils like mine.  Sometimes hair texture is due to race mixing especially in the United States however if you take a look at the African Continent you will find all types of hair textures. African hair has the most variety on the planet.  I’m proud of my hair.





Me looking a hot mess!! LOL!!





Purple Reign!!

♡ ♡ ☆ 

Just out of the shower. 



Finished results. What do you think?

The Purple shows up better outside in the Sunlight.  Maybe next time I will add some red to make it somewhat lighter. 





Now for the Experts!!



This young Lady aspires to be a Mermaid. Or My Little Pony as the title to her video states. At her age it’s cute. At my age it would be ridiculous however I Love the way her hair came out. She is gorgeous!  I am still thinking of using the variety of purple hair colors, shades and tints she uses in the video.  Her result was Outstanding!



Another Beautiful Gorgeous Sister



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    1. Thanks. I will do some more experimenting soon. Manic Panic is a very good brand. Vegan hair color. No smell like the other drug store brands. You can order Manic Panic via their website: or from When I order from Amazon it usually takes only a week. Great company with excellent customer service. They sell other items like lipstick and nail polish also.

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