Feral Elysium

Feral Elysium

Primeval I yearn to strip off my robes and run naked through the equatorial forest, faster and faster my sweat mixing with the scent of the trees, flora and fauna at one with my primordial being. I want to renew my connection with the Stream, the subconscious conversations/signals from the animal and plant worlds back to the beginning of time. Returning to the wildwood. Back to creation. Renewal. Like a small brown gazelle moving swiftly through the undergrowth.

In my running I happen upon a magic elixir that enables me to stay in my tropical forest forever. The enchantment resides within me. My humanity has been restored.

My scent is honeysuckle vanilla coconut flowers earth moss dawn spring summer. I feast upon succulent strawberries, blueberries, grapes, cherries, melons, pineapple, mango, peaches, apples, nectarines, pears, papaya. I drink the juices and am refreshed.

I gather roots, tubers, nuts, and all types of green vegetables from my Eden. The river gives fish, the hens fresh eggs every morning.

At Dawn after prayer and ritual bathe beneath the waterfall I anoint my body with palm olive coconut shea butter oils.

Mother Earth Goddess let me be a Daughter of the Soil to once again revisit my natural roots.  Ashes to Ashes, dust to dust, I arise again from Mother Earth like the Phoenix bright, shining, renewed and revitalized.

One day an unknown king came from another land to inquire at the feet of the feral priestess. The sovereign and his entourage came bearing gifts from a faraway land. He made obeisance to sibyl. His attendants laid costly gems at her feet, placed earrings in her ears, rings on her fingers, necklaces around her neck. Soon she was encrusted with every precious stone that mother earth yields. Another servant came with the royal purple and red silk satin robes which she placed around her shoulders. Then the king came forth with a gold jewel encrusted crown placing it on her noble head.

“What is this finery upon me? Why these silken robes? What means these costly sparkling trinkets? When I have the moon, starts and all the celestial bodies to adorn me? I will cast off the false, shallow and superficial!”  Seer cast off all one-dimensional to receive once again the many faceted dimensions and simple pleasures of her earthly garden.

Wild untamed mane of spiraling kinky nappy curls from my thrown back head I scream, a blood curdling roar, growl, and cry until the Heavens open. The cool of the forest floor mixed with the heat of the rain pouring over the curves and into the crevices of my bare body.

Downpour makes muddy field filled with honeysuckle, clover, wet dandelion wisps mixing with red clay saturated soil seeping up between my coffee russet toes.

Finally sprinkling my nakedness with star dust and heavenly fragrance, Mother Earth Goddess saying, “All is Well with my Creation, My Universe, My African-Indian Woman.

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