Emotional Landscapes

Then we were in the great Outdoors singing improvised Coastal Sea Shanties.

An Elfin Fairy Moongazer.

Ignore it. Ignore the internal Primate Music. Chatterbox Chatter.

Reinvigorate the Tarantula Nebula.

Seven Seas of newly formed planets were found orbiting a sapphire seven pointed Starfish.

Speckled specks and fragments fell off her gown as she wandered aimlessly through the conservatory.

Speaker? Trope?

Shall we sterilize our Wonder Jelly? If Not will I become a Sunset Dragon? Will I be removed to the Island of Tabloidias?

EchoSigh… EchoSigh….

The mark of a Free Spirit Mystic.

Firstborn Firebug Simrit, telepathed, First eat of the Cosmic Comet Seeds. Then all will be well.

What shall it be with DJ Electroplasm?

That will be given over to Opulence and her twin Ostentatious.

Opulence who reeks of diamonds, gold, silver, rubies and every manner of gemstones plus Precious Jewels. Blinded by excessive reflective Shine. Glossed over with scintillating flecks of glassy broken meteors.

Ostentatious was covered by crashing cymbals, tooting horns, clanging bells and shrill whistles. She was a succulent covered in shiny brassy burgundy scabs.

Sandy beaches baked naked from two minor suns.

A New Day Dawns

Once I confessed they Big Blue Rock threw me off the Blue Crag Priory.

Such a wailing of processional mourners. Cosmic Psychodynamic Bootcamp.

Can you spot the boats? They sail for you.

Tasseled Sails Intertwined Glitter Pendant Swirls

Purple, Pink and Orange in Triplicate.

Unicorns. Dragons. Fairies and Elves.

Pivotal July

I spent most of July as a patient at Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. It was discovered that I have an autoimmune disease called acute ulcerative colitis. Meaning my body attacks my digestive system.

Starting from June I lost over 30 lbs in weight.

July 4th I blacked out, fell and broke my nose. The disease had begun it’s horrible course.

Once admitted to the Brooklyn Methodist Hospital I was given fluids, antibiotics and steroids.

I had to have a blood transfusion as I came close to dying.

It’s been pure physical upheaval laced with miracles.

My ability to Walk has been seriously compromised. I can Walk slowly with a cane. The Visiting Nurse Service comes to my house for rehab.

Nor do I enjoy wearing Adult Diapers but I must.

My physical therapy began in the hospital.

Life can change in a moment. Suddenly I have been thrust into a world of disability, disease and sickness with no road map. It’s scary, frightening and frustrating especially having to be dependent. At first I cried constantly but No more pity parties for me. I’m fighting this battle.

I don’t like asking for help but if anyone wishes to donate to my recovery you can donate via PayPal account deborah.palmer280@gmail.com.

Also Thanks for your prayers as I make my way along this long Strange journey.