A Word in Season Education Services

A Word in Season Education Services is a New York-based company that offers academic research and tutoring services in humanities based subjects.

A Word in Season Education Services was founded by me back in the 1990s originally as a venue to showcase poetry in a video format. Over the years A Word in Season has undergone several incarnations as my career grew; new skills and talents were developed along the journey.

A Word in Season Education Services is prepared to serve adult students from local community and cultural centers  New York. Using a distinctly innovative approach, A Word in Season Education Services assists prospective GED and ESL students to enhance their reading comprehension and writing skills.

In the future I hope to form a partnership with the New York City Department of Education offering specialized art and history tours especially geared to inner-city Junior High, High School students and College students.

My Services

A Word in Season Education Services offers a specialized creative writing curriculum utilizing art and photography within New York City museums to develop students’ critical thinking and literary skills.

I bring a wealth of academic excellence as well as a proven record of teaching. I began teaching as a co-founder within a small community based company “Dreams Never Die” from October 1993 until July 1994. My partner and I specialized in software training for adults returning the workforce. Our classes were held in the Rochdale Village Community Center. This experience revealed to me the joy of teaching.

While  employed at United Way of New York City I conducted training on CARES (Community Access to Resources) proprietary Information and Referral database for both internal and external clients. I was an instrumental part of the marketing team responsible for marketing, promoting and training staff of CARES donor, the Human Resources Administration of New York City as the city transitioned its welfare centers into workplace centers. I also conducted Internet training for United Way staff development and developed a guidebook staff could refer to after training classes.

I’m concerned about students and adults who need tutoring or remedial education to improve and enhance their writing abilities. Many people of all ages are not knowledgeable regarding the social aspects of history and its impact upon all Americans.

I’ve developed a curriculum where students will learn to develop better ways to communicate ideas and concepts using the written word. My courses use artwork readily available in local/regional museums providing students valuable insights on how art and history connect.  Curriculums in development include, How to Read a Painting, Black Men as Heroic Figures in Art & Literature, and How Women are Depicted in Art.

I graduated with a BA in English from Marymount Manhattan College in 2002.  I work at a major cultural institution where I have mastered the art of customer relations and gained extensive knowledge on various types of art, specializing in paintings.

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