Short Stories

Excerpts from novellas in progress.  Most of these stories will be presented in serial form inviting the reader to tune in each week for twists in the scripts of life.  All tastes are subject to change and revision based upon the authors mood at any given moment.

5 thoughts on “Short Stories

  1. Not sure where I stand in the writing world but I’m also going to do that. Elaborate further on my good flash-fiction posts, compile my short stories, think of a book title then see where it takes me.

  2. bjsscribbles

    I’ve been thinking of that as well with some of my writing, especially the poems I’ve done on Australia but too much going on at the moment with my life. I suppose could do some thinking while in hospital

    1. Yes that is a great idea. Just thinking on your writing as a goal for 2016 will cause you to heal even faster. I’ve been reading your posts and see your challenges but God is Jehovah Rapha, My God, My Healer. Continue to think positive even through your fears and all will turn out well. Meditate on scripture verses in the Gospels where Jesus performs His Healing Miracles and envision yourself as being healed. Visualization of Healing along with following the doctors orders, eating healthy and getting some moderate exercise will cause your body to fall in line with God’s Holy Word. Be Blessed for 2016!!

      1. bjsscribbles

        I will keep your words close☺,i need to write some verse to take with me and pray on them. Thank for the idea never thought of it. Blessings for the ñew year

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