A Special Blog Share To Raise Awareness Of Autism. Meet My BFF DeBorah Palmer & Her Wonderful Brother Stephen Palmer.

We are the 6% https://dancingpalmtrees.com/2013/03/16/we-are-the-6/
Thanks to Cat Lyon for the share!!!

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Hello Friends, Readers, and Visitors,

It is not often that a good friend makes the ‘New York Time,’  but when they do? It sure is worth sharing! And my BFF, DeBorah Palmer and her sweet brother Stephen Palmer made the New York Times this month. The Times did a wonderful article on them both to hopefully raise awareness of autism which Stephen was diagnosed with, and how there seems to never be enough time for DeBorah, who takes such good care of Stephen, as she works and tries to care for him, so Stephen lives a fun,  fulfilling life.  And I know that can be a challenge at times. I battle with a few mental health issues myself, and my loving husband is such a help to me. So I know it can be difficult for the family members.

But I don’t think I can recall a time ever that DeBorah has had…

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A Greater Love

The New York Times did an article on my brother Stephen who has Autism and me. Please click the link and take time to read this eye opening article of our lives. My hope is that this revealing article will not only change our lives but the lives of other people who have developmentally disabled siblings.  Please share this post with your networks. Thank you.


Slow Melting Fruit

Slow Melting Fruit

I fell asleep in your arms forever and together we lapsed into eternity like babes in the woods. Forest green was our cradle and verdant moss bedecked a flower strewn winding sheet blazed upon by sun and cooled in moonlit nights. Gaia received us without judgment or blame thanking us for nourishing seedling eons. Gentle boughs bent down to caress our sunken cheeks. Roots plowed up the earth making sure we were firmly planted to her suckled breast.

Medea Rejuvenating Aeson Artist: Corrado Giaquinto (Italian, Molfetta 1703–1766 Naples)
Medea Rejuvenating Aeson
Artist: Corrado Giaquinto (Italian, Molfetta 1703–1766 Naples)

Disposable People?

People as material goods??

A Call to Witness

Disposable People?

James 4:3-5

Today’s New International Version (TNIV)

3 When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.

Allegory of Avarice (Greed) Allegory of Avarice
Jacopo Ligozzi (Italian, Verona 1547–1627 Florence)

Gimme, gimme gimme, my name is Jimmie is something we chanted as kids. Some adults still harbor these ill-advised wishes whether externally or internally.

We live in a throwaway society. Everything can be disposed of including wives, husbands, & children. Men trade in their wives and/or girlfriends for a newer, younger supposedly better model, aka the Trophy Wife, not realizing that she’s only with you for the money or power you have right now. When you lose the money that she’s gone. Men want the Playboy Bunny/Players magazine image of women; fake hair, fake nails, fake boobs, fake butts! They go for the Bimbos every time because they…

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Support and Encouragement.

Sheldon Kleeman

This is in response to my friend and fellow blogger

dancingpalmtrees,her blog is acalltwowitness.com

You should go and check her out

She always has something to think about and or something that needs to be discussed

This time is a subject that is dear to my heart

Mental illness,so this is how I want to rise

awareness,please if you have time go see her

As always Sheldon

It’s not

a cough



It’s an


that is

not recognize

by just

a Dr

It is only


by someone

who is a


and even those

will only




How can we

be sick

if they

don’t want



this as




It’s an illness

that they

turn their

heads away

when it


It’s ugly…..

While everyone







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