Work Shoes

Work Shoes

Crocs — the ugliest shoes in the world. Not sexy at all. More ugly than the Earth Shoes from back in the 70s. Have had and worn both. Both comfortable. Believe now what used to be called Earth Shoes have been renamed Birkenstocks.

Those of us in professions where you stand on your feet all day long value comfort. Ugly is relative. Comfort is paramount. Comfort is not just your feet but your back also. Being a security officer at a museum I’m on my feet for sometimes eight or more hours a day. During the 2 ½ years I’ve worked at the museum I’ve had relationships with many shoes that advertise themselves as being comfortable. Ecco is just expensive with no really good built in arch support. Merrell has so far turned out to be the best. Good arch support, soft, flexible, slip on-slip off. Skechers MBT knock-offs, forget it. Returned them. Can’t stand that rocking and rolling motion. Plus these rocker type shoes are really made for walking not standing. My job requires me to stand. Very bad for my already poor back. No good. Reject.

Latest acquisitions – Crocs work shoes. Black just like the rest. The museum mandates that we must wear black shoes with our uniforms. We do get issued black work shoes from the museum but they are like rocks, so most guards, me included buy other black work shoes, get the reimbursement to keep our feet and pockets at least somewhat happy.

Nameless, faceless, meaningless in my blue suit with gold plated brass, red tie, white shirt, black socks, black shoes. I blend into the walls taking on the form of a silent exhibit programmed to protect the art, give directions and aid to tourists, visitors, VIPs.

Shoes, specifically women’s shoes, I’ve seen them all. At the special evening events I see the young hip girls in their 20s with the sky scraper high 4, 5, now 6 inch heels many times hanging off sugar daddies who are my age. Balenciaga shoes, Christian Louboutin Shoes, Chanel, Prada, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, Manolo Blahniks on women who are already giraffes. Shoes signifying status, youth, beauty, availability, opportunity, wealth, access. Access to a world closed to me. If one day given the opportunity to slip into those designer shoes on my blue collar feet would a new world suddenly open? Would I be transported to another dimension where I’d find myself on the arm of a rich handsome man, cameras clicking all around us, attending premieres at movies, theatres, museums, exiting the limo striding down the red carpet, my face gracing fashion magazines worldwide. Would I be sent back in time thirty years, my destiny changed all by a pair of shoes?

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