Hello Kitty's Night Job
Hello Kitty’s Night Job

Though many others may want me to change I remain a defiant nonconformist freethinking Black Woman with no shame in my game. My labels; Type A personality, control freak, wired, hyper, I wear them proudly.  However despite my always seeking nature I am not unfocused, bi-polar or unstable.  I just have an insatiable need to be filled with wisdom, knowledge and understanding coupled with the desire to put that holy trinity into action.  It’s not good enough for me to make outlines, plans and strategies, I’m impelled to run with the vision and make it plain so my partners and co-creators can run with it.

It may seem to outsiders that I bounce all over the place but my explosive energies are channeled within the boundaries of my hopes, dreams, and goals.  I know my calling in life, the objective now is to make the desires of my heart come true.

Nor am I afraid or ashamed of my wild child side.  My hair is a cross between Macy Gray and Albert Einstein.  My tattoos and piercing reveal and showcase the untamed, uninhibited me, a commemoration of my sexuality and sensuality.  The more looks, glances and snide remarks I get those remarks serve as the catalyst to add more body art and celebrate the uniqueness of me.

Who I am is a cumulative process of DNA, nature, nurture and life experiences.  Yes child I’m on 24/7/365.  Even in my sleep my dreams bring me new scenarios and messages.

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Hello Kitty Gets Freaky with It
Dominatrix Hello Kitty

9 thoughts on “Defiance

    1. As I get older I find it easier to ignore people or to just tell the to Shut the Fuck up. I don’t like or accept unsolicited advice. I don’t care what people think of me. Let them keep thinking and I’ll keep on being myself.

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