Baby Boy

He looked like an Angel albeit a broken Angel splayed out on the cold marble floor. His head at angles with his twisted body along with his staring unseeing eyes extinguished any hope that the embers of life still burned within him.  The earth came up to meet him and swallowed him into the heavens.  The Benjamins make a poor parachute.

Cupid shot by his own Arrow.
Cupid shot by his own Arrow.


Baby Boy

Baby Boy Got $200 sneakers as a reward for cussing the teachers and failing in school. Teacher or principals fault. Grades all F but it ain’t me you fucked up can’t you see! School’s for Fools. Some place I don’t want to be.

Baby Boy he never wrong. They got it all mixed up seeing me strong. Y’all know I’m the King of my crew. God’s Gift to everything.

But in the back of your head all you can see is yo’ no count Daddy, welfare system and crackhead Momma staring back in the mirror saying you gonna be like me.

Hanging out in the upper class nabe with my hoodrat crew. See a few things I wanna take. Wait a minute! What’s that I hear! A siren in back of me. Starting to fear. Next thing I’m on Lock down in Juvie Hall. Where my crew at now when as I’m taking this fall.

Baby boy lying in a ditch. Worse off than being a Snitch. Off to Rikers’ to be somebody’s Bitch. Baby Boy. You Done. You Done.


His rhymes had got him to the big time. Opened new doors of upper class vice and sin. The immoralities of the 1%. I gazed at my son from the balcony of one of the greatest art institutions in the city seeing not the young man who had entered the 27 Club of the Immortals but every little boy running up and down Linden Blvd., Jamaica Avenue, Fulton Street or Sedgwick Avenue running to be the next 50 cent or Jay-Z finding fame and winding up on 27 Jump Street misjudging the doubles lives one foot in the hood and the other on Central Park West or the Upper East Side seeking Hipster fame and validation.

Jump my Son/Sun. Jump out of your dreams and into Eternity.

Civil Rights Activist Dorothy Height to Be Honored on 2017 U.S. Postage Stamp

Black History is America’s History. She is an American Heroine and an inspiration to all Black Women and girls worldwide. A true Leader.


Dorothy Height U.S. postal stamp, 2017. Dorothy Height U.S. postal stamp, 2017. BLACK HERITAGE: DOROTHY HEIGHT STAMP IMAGE © 2016 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

article via theroot.com

The U.S. Postal Service just announced civil rights leader Dorothy Height will be honored as the 40th stamp in the Black Heritage Forever series. The painting of Height is based on based on a 2009 photograph shot by Lateef Mangum. Art director Derry Noyes designed the stamp.

Height was a tireless activist who dedicated her life to fighting for racial and gender equality. She lived a remarkable life that was in service to her community but African-American women in particular. Although she rarely gained the recognition granted her male contemporaries, she became one of the most influential civil rights leaders of the 20th century. She was the president of the National Council of Negro Women for forty years and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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BM’s Special Thank You To Her Top 10 Bloggers for 2016

Wow! Thanks for the Shout out from my African Sister! I believe in supporting All Africans across the diaspora. What a great early Christmas present. My Sister’s kind words make me want to visit the Motherland even more so.


These words ‘if only people knew me’ used to come out of my mouth or run through my mind daily and it didn’t matter as I was in a constant state of always wanting something more and I just couldn’t just be happy.

This all changed when BM was birthed and it gave a reason to be happy and grateful regardless of whatever happened around me. So, when people ask me how I am able to hold down a full-time job as a lawyer and still have time to post content on the blog, have my show on Classic FM and attend events and I just smiled because these 10 persons made me understand that once you are sold out to a vision, especially a passion project, there’s really nothing you can’t do or achieve. As I sit here typing away on my laptop, I’m thankful my paths crossed with…

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Net less in New York 

Greetings Blogging Community!

Once again I’m utilizing the Net access available at the Herkimer Laundromat. 

Still Netless in New York. However with my trusty WordPress app by my side I continue to blog on.

Thanks go out to the Herkimer Street Laundromat and New York City Transit subway stations that have WiFi capabilities. With their assistance I bumble along as a Web less Wonder. 

Strange Surreal Subway Stories 

One of the highlights of working the 4:30 pm – 12:30 am shift or for that matter any work schedule is an advanced course in people watching. I get an A++ in this class. 

While standing waiting for the L train subway about 1:45 am  I observed a guy eating Skippy Peanut butter out of a jar with his bare fingers and between licks drawing strange horned creatures on his sketch pad. I was able to watch while keeping a safe distance. 

Fortunately as NewYork is the City that Never Sleeps the subway trains are full of people at all hours. 

I will continue with more weird and wacky subway tales in future blog posts. 

Dealing with No Home Web Access 

Well looks like my WordPress cell phone app works fairly well. Easy to use but no bells and whistles. However gets the job done. 

At least I can stay in touch with my blogging family. Hopefully all things being equal and with blessings from the Internet Web gods I shall be back online by mid December. 
In the meantime I will have lots of clean clothes because I’m posting at the corner laundromat. Lol!

Tomorrow I will try going to the library for Internet Web Access. 

Internet Trouble 

I have lost my home Internet connection. 

It may take me a while to get back on track. In the meantime I will Reblog and attempt to add new posts from various hot spots around the city. 

This post looks shoddy because I’m doing it from the corner laundromat. 

On my cell phone. First time I’ve used my WordPress cell phone app. Let’s hope it will not be a crappie appy! LOL! 

As much as I talk about being Off Grid this is no fun.  I prefer being connected. 

Already Happening: The Normalization of Trumpism – via TDB

Trumpocolypse is here. The four horsemen are riding through the land.

Just Merveilleux

“… Only the characteristic bluntness of a child, who proclaimed the emperor’s nudity as he paraded through the streets humiliating himself and his kingdom, threatened to break the spell. But when the boy spoke out he was quickly rebuked by his father, who assured the gasping public that the child was clearly soft in the head. So powerful is the compulsion to normalize the powerful.”

Source: Media Normalization of Trumpism – The Daily Beast

Interesting article- but that’s not the normalisation we need fear most. Yesterday I read a complaint that a reporter was offended by the use of the N word. Let that sink in. It means a reporter does not have the right to be offended by the use of the N word. This N word:


Shocked? Offended? Good, you should be. Decent people who believe in ethics, civil and human rights should be offended. Why do…

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Comments Policy


This is a direct response to a nasty comment made on one of my previous posts. I am not a nice person when somebody says or writes the wrong things so things are about to get ugly. Real Ugly!!  You May STOP Reading Now.

As Creator and Moderator of this blog I reserve the right to call out any stupid, racist, sexist, dumb ass or ageist comments.  I recently ReBlogged a post about an All Black Cowgirls Team. Anyone who has an ounce of good sense and a knowledge of racist American History should know why Black people in this country need and must have All Black Teams, Events, Organizations, Groups etc….. There has rarely been and given the upcoming administration will be any societies, organizations, groups, etc… where Blacks are or will be seen as equals. We’ve been having this battle for 400 years and even through the eight years of the Obama administration you see how a racist bigoted Congress and Senate did their level best to obstruct any forward positive moves that President Obama tried to make during his administration.

Actually since things are going backwards in the USA for people of Color it behooves us to band together and do for self because the government is about to pull the rug out from under us regarding any benefits, services or programs designed to benefit all American Citizens. Even though we have worked just as hard if not harder and without pay for the most part to build this country up.

To All My Black People for Christmas and Kwanzaa please do your best to Buy Black.

I am proud of being a Black Woman and as for anyone who does not like it or disagrees with me promoting and uplifting my own people I got two words for you. FUCK OFF!!

Now getting back to ignorant racist comments like the one Mr. GP Cox put on my Black Cowgirls post. Is this guy for real?  IS TODAY DUMB MUTHA FUCKER DAY?!

I used to ride horses and i admire this group, but i don’t understand why they feel they need to be an all-Black team. Are there teams called the all-white cowgirls?

Did he really ask such a stupid ass question to me as a Black Woman in this hateful country where I have been physically just because I am Black and a Woman?  Where my father who served this country during the Korean War was denied service in a restaurant in Washington, DC while in uniform?  Does he not understand that the reason why my Great, Great Grandfather served in the 29th Colored Regiment. The reason there the Tuskegee Airmen existed!!

Where every positive deed and action has been negated by the greater white population since 1492. Are you kidding me. Give me a fucking break!!

I wonder what white bread universe Mr. Cox is living in?  Is he out of his fucking mind? No. Now let me think. Oh yes he must live in white bread New Burbia where folks who  look like me are servants, maids, butlers, etc….  You know that America that Mr. Dhrump is about to return us to. The fabulous 40s, 50s & 60s where attack dogs were set upon us. Where we were hosed down in the streets with fire hoses and where we are systemically shot by the KKK racist bigoted police while our hands are up in surrender.

When I read comments like this I know in my heart and mind that this country will never be united as one.  This unity business is all a lot of trash talk and bullshit because at 11:00 am today Sunday morning white people will go to their churches and Black folks will go to ours.

In the meantime Mr. GP Cox I will give you this opportunity to unsubscribe and UnFollow all my blogs now!

As for anyone else who hates Blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics, Asians, other peoples of Color,  the disabled, the LGBT Community LEAVE NOW!!