Baby Boy

He looked like an Angel albeit a broken Angel splayed out on the cold marble floor. His head at angles with his twisted body along with his staring unseeing eyes extinguished any hope that the embers of life still burned within him.  The earth came up to meet him and swallowed him into the heavens.  The Benjamins make a poor parachute.

Cupid shot by his own Arrow.
Cupid shot by his own Arrow.


Baby Boy

Baby Boy Got $200 sneakers as a reward for cussing the teachers and failing in school. Teacher or principals fault. Grades all F but it ain’t me you fucked up can’t you see! School’s for Fools. Some place I don’t want to be.

Baby Boy he never wrong. They got it all mixed up seeing me strong. Y’all know I’m the King of my crew. God’s Gift to everything.

But in the back of your head all you can see is yo’ no count Daddy, welfare system and crackhead Momma staring back in the mirror saying you gonna be like me.

Hanging out in the upper class nabe with my hoodrat crew. See a few things I wanna take. Wait a minute! What’s that I hear! A siren in back of me. Starting to fear. Next thing I’m on Lock down in Juvie Hall. Where my crew at now when as I’m taking this fall.

Baby boy lying in a ditch. Worse off than being a Snitch. Off to Rikers’ to be somebody’s Bitch. Baby Boy. You Done. You Done.


His rhymes had got him to the big time. Opened new doors of upper class vice and sin. The immoralities of the 1%. I gazed at my son from the balcony of one of the greatest art institutions in the city seeing not the young man who had entered the 27 Club of the Immortals but every little boy running up and down Linden Blvd., Jamaica Avenue, Fulton Street or Sedgwick Avenue running to be the next 50 cent or Jay-Z finding fame and winding up on 27 Jump Street misjudging the doubles lives one foot in the hood and the other on Central Park West or the Upper East Side seeking Hipster fame and validation.

Jump my Son/Sun. Jump out of your dreams and into Eternity.

Dating and Cigarettes


Dating and Cigarettes for me is a non-negotiable. If you’re a smoker don’t even look my way. Bad breath. Yellow teeth. Stinky hair and clothing. Ugh!

I hate cigarette smoke as it aggravates my allergies. Many years ago when I used to go out to clubs and bars (Ladies Night Out) I’d always have to wash my hair and shower when I got home because my hair and clothing reeked of cigarette smoke! Yuck!! Ugh!!

New York City has banned smoking in most bars, restaurants, clubs, cultural institutions, etc…. but you still must negotiate city streets populated by dedicated smokers who must light up despite knowing that smoking will eventually kill them.

Unfortunately a day at the park can be easily ruined once a smoker sits in your vicinity and decides to light up. Then you have to get up and move because your air space is being violated!

On one note I do think it is an addiction because my Dad started smoking when he was 17, quit at age 50 but still died at age 65 (stroke & cancer).  That was back in 1995 when he passed away. Now the price of a pack of ciggies is sky high. I believe almost $20 per pack but loyal smokers don’t allow the high cost to deter them. In my low-income neighborhood you can get “loosies.”  Or buy them in bulk from Indian reservations.

As for me I stay as far away as possible from smokers as is humanly possible. I don’t date guys who smoke either because they are like walking foul ash trays.  Plus I don’t want to be any man’s nurse. I’m not about to be pushing your around in a wheelchair or watch you gasping for air from an oxygen tank all because you refuse to take care of yourself. If you’re overweight, out of shape, smoke or drink Go Look for a Nurse/Undertaker because you will surely need one in the few years you’ve got left on the planet.

Fifty (50??)




I have to admit that when I first saw this writing prompt I had no idea as to how to respond. After all 50 had no special meaning for me. Both my brother Stephen and I had turned 50 several years ago so no more decade celebrations until we turn 60.


Fifty. Fifty. Fifty. I pondered it for several days. The rapper 50 Cent?! Naw! That’s not my type of music. 50 as a speed limit? Nope. My driving days are long over. I thought about approaching Fifty from a physical, health or medical standpoint but who the heck wants to read a post about all my aches and pains plus the joys of menopause?!! Whining, Complaining, Bitching, Moaning and Groaning! Not!! Nobody! No Negativity!!

Then I read a post from another blogger that I follow who explored her friendship with an elder woman of her church. Now I’m not a church goer but working in a museum I do see, meet and speak to many older people. Two chance meetings made an impact upon me.

The other day while working in the Old Masters galleries I met and enjoyed chatting with an older couple. They were just so delightful and totally in sync with each other. Holding hands. Laughing. Joking and just enjoying the Museum. Sharing insights about the paintings.

The gentleman told me he was 85 so I inquired as to how long they had been married. His response, “Oh We are not married. We are dating!!” Of course imagine my embarrassment, surprised then happiness in knowing that the need for companionship and Love does not decline or leave with age.

People of all ages need and want partners. Just being around them, seeing them hold hands and find joy and Love in their 80s, well I suppose there is hope for a jaded, hard-nosed, cynical non-romantic like myself!! LOL!!

The previous encounter occurred when I was working one of the entrances and I was posted near the elevators. An elderly woman in a wheelchair sported a jaunty hat saying, “Happy 101st Birthday!!”  How jolly I thought and I immediately greeted her and congratulated her on reaching 101! She was really excited! She took my hands and spoke some heavily Eastern European accented words that communicated her joy and happiness in being surrounded by her family and friends who took her for a birthday tour of the museum. That wheelchair was not a hindrance or something to be despised but a moving Throne. Her Cadillac, BMW or Mercedes from which she surveyed her Queendom and greeted all her Royal subjects. I was brought up to respect and honor my Elders so I was glad to pay homage to this Queen on her special day!

Given the fact that my brother Stephen and I are always dressing up in costumes, especially for Halloween, clowning around and are generally in touch with our inner child I do hope we live a long time in good health and able to enjoy life well into our senior years.

Now I don’t know if I’ll begin dating or live to be 101 but I was just so elated and buoyed by these older folks approach to life!





Moon | The Daily Post




Two Men Contemplating the Moon_Friedrich
Two Men Contemplating the Moon Caspar David Friedrich (German, Greifswald 1774–1840 Dresden)


Two Men Contemplating the Moon

Artist: Caspar David Friedrich (German, Greifswald 1774–1840 Dresden)


Beethoven ~ Moonlight Sonata


Nat King Cole-Shine On Harvest Moon, 1957


Moon River – Andy Williams






The black hair revolution continues! Photos from the 2nd March of Curly/Kinky Hair Pride in São Paulo!

Loving the Natural Hair Revolution!! Just wanted to share with you some photos and videos from Curlfest June 2016 held in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Also included an old photo of me wearing me and My Dad wearing our perfectly coiffed Afros during the mid-1970s!! https://roamingurbangypsy.com/2016/06/27/curlfest-2016-prospect-park-brooklyn/

Black Women of Brazil


Note from BW of Brazil: Wow! Has it been three weeks already?!? Ya know, as a regular blogger, I am always consistently preparing new material for the blog’s readership. Whether translating new material or preparing my own thoughts on such material, sometimes I lose track of articles that are already done and just need posting or those that sit in my “post bank” just waiting for official release. As I’m writing now, I just realized that I have 23 such articles sitting in the bank, some going as far back as September of last year! Incredible how time flies sometimes! Today’s piece is a great example. 

11 Women arriving for the 2nd annual March of Kinky/Curly Hair Pride

I had prepared this piece almost three weeks ago and had planned to post it on the following day. But then what happened? The 2016 Olympics soon approached and the piece got…

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Small Wonders & Tiny Treasures

Doll Moccasins


Mini Majestic Motor Cars & Tiny Jars + Small Vessels





DeBorah and Little Lamb June 1959
DeBorah had a Little Lamb

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