An Overgrown Pond




An OverGrown Pond


Where the Koi Jumped for Joy into the sky for the water comes from the sky then returns to the sea

Pistons, electrons, neutrons






By a Picnic Table caught up in sand

Beside a Piano wrapped around a tree

Where I had cracked an egg filled with red ants over his face

Where once I had tried two more times to plant myself on the portico of the place I had lived posthumously

Every day he would come to the drawing room dressed in a new wig and caftan ready to work on his latest illustrated sonata.

His goal ~~ The Chapel where the outline of an over grown cherub with upturned mustaches, a five o’clock shadow, cigar and swollen gonads graced the ceiling


In Her Long Flowing Caftan expectations were high.  Higher than ever before

As she crafted her Caftan Swung to and fro in the Breezes

Swirling & Twirling like a dance in Homage to the Muses and Goddesses of Ancient Times

Swaying Sometimes Billowing Out

Billowing Waving Flapping in Upturned Winds

Powered by gusts of frenetic kinetic energy her billowing Caftan swept over the town and villages spitting out flags, Semi-phores, and coded messages to family cemeteries

Leaving behind satisfied scripts which she added to her burgeoning collection


Sending Signals across the Mesa







Then the Joyful Koi began to play Ragtime 

They jumped up and struck the keys in sequence creating beautiful melodies













Whose Flag?

Whose Flag?


Whose Flag? The flag that ignited the Trail of Tears and condemned my Native American Ancestors far from their Promised Land?

The Flag that ignited Manifest Destiny and stole, robbed, cheated and raped millions of Indigenous peoples to broken treaties, destruction and death.

The Flag that ignited the slave ships of the Middle Passage where my African Ancestors were kidnapped from the Motherland. Denied their heritage. Their religion. Their customs and traditions.  And what of those thrown overboard as so much excess baggage.  Or the others who jumped rather than condemn generations to slavery and Jim Crow.

The Flag that ignited the Dred Scott decision telling us we are only 3/5ths of a man? Where are we in the signing of the Declaration of Independence? Do you see any Native or African Americans in those paintings? Not even any women!  So do we salute a flag, a symbol of colonialism, slavery, Jim Crow and racism? Since we were not included by the Founding Fathers most of whom were slave owners?


Do we honor a flag that forced my parents, grandparents and great-grandparents to get off the sidewalk when white people approached? Get to the back of the bus. Settle for sub-standard schools and housing. Forced sterilization which was done throughout the Southern Bible Belt states.

The flag of Dixie-crat racist Strom Thurmond whose death revealed the Black Daughter he had kept hidden for nearly 70 years?

Read the story of Fanny Lou Hamer one of the Mothers of the Civil Rights Movement.





What of our white Sisters and brothers like Murders of Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner up to and including Heather Heyer? White Americans who fought evil and lost their lives. Does the flag represent them?

Does this flag represent the two Indian engineers who were murdered or the Chinese doctor who was dragged from his airplane seat?

Did that flag represent the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882.



What of the Japanese Americans who were stripped of all their worldly goods and sent to camps just because they resembled the enemy?  And By the Way who is our enemy?

What of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama–a church with a predominantly black congregation that served as a meeting place for civil rights leaders where  Four young girls were brutally killed.

What of the the nine who were murdered last year in South Carolina during a Bible study by one whom they welcomed as a fellow Christian but who turned out to be a demon.

Tell me again why I should put my hand over my heart or in my case salute since I am a U.S. Army Veteran for this flag. This flag who denied my Korean War Veteran Dad who was in uniform and hungry. Who tried to get a hot dog and the white man said we don’t serve Niggers?

Tell me why this flag and this country whom my Great, Great Grandfather William Henry Halstead who fought in the Civil War still denies it’s promise to me and all his descendants?

Did and was this flag the covering for the slave master who barged into my Great, Great, great, great Grandmother’s slave cabin late at night and forced himself on her?

Did and was this flag the covering and excuse for the Married Redneck Drill Sgt coming to my barracks and calling my name after hours?

Tell me again why we honor this flag and why does this cloth not live up to it’s promise to ALL Americans?









It’s My House & I Live Here

Don’t Come for Me because I’m not afraid to Rock that Orange Jumpsuit!!

You can’t agree with everyone and you won’t but if something upsets you that badly there is always the Unsubscribe, Restrict, Block, UnFriend, or UnFollow options!! Sometimes I do make general observations about what I see on Facebook or Social Media in general but believe me I’m not losing any sleep over what you or anyone else posts. Why? Because I will kick you to the curb in a hot minute before I allow anything to interfere with my ability to eat, sleep or carry on my daily activities. I have and will continue to Delete Off-base Comments at My discretion. Why? Because this is my Blog.

It’s My House & I Live Here! (Apologies to Diana Ross.) Unfortunately I must disable comments on any type of political or racial blog posts because of the haters, flamers & trolls. Not trying to hear asshole bullshit.

There is no reason for arguments and twisted dialogue trying prove me wrong and you right. I’ve noticed over the last six years I usually get a lot of bullshit comments and just plain stupid ass statements when I post something concerning race relations in the United States. Obviously or maybe it isn’t to some narrow minded people my perspective is that of a Black Woman in America. Emphasis on Black.  On that note given what has been going on in the USA over the last few weeks I’ve made some decisions to be part of the solution.

Joined the NAACP

Make small donations to Black Lives Matter. Yes I unashamedly support the Movement. Don’t Like it. Lump it or follow the previous instructions. Close the door on your way out.

I have a thick skin. Keep in mind working in a white environment. Living in a white country if I took to heart every insult, slight, just plain dumbass statement that white people make I would have committed suicide a long time ago. However everyone who knows me that if you step to me I don’t back down from a challenge. Very few people mess with me without experiencing some sort of consequence. I’m peaceful up to a point. My parents did not raise a doormat. Being a Christian does not make me a push-over nor will it silence my voice. It’s not all peace, love and light with me. Get. Over. It.  My circle is small and I keep it that way.

This is My House and I Live Here!!

BTW being Pro-Black does not mean being anti-white. It does mean looking out for your own people in world where any one of us can be executed, exterminated or annihilated at the whim of sadistic police.  Cops who have been given a free pass to do away with an entire race just based on their biased stereotypes. Cops who know that there will be no consequences for their actions. They may get put on some type of administrative leave but they still collect their paychecks while those Black families who lost their Loved ones struggle to bury them, take care of children left behind and must live with a hole in their hearts forever.  My house is on fire so I must take action.

Racism has been real for me my entire life. From the day I was sussed to white school and sat next to a red haired white kid and the first word out of his mouth was nigger to a few years ago when a white co-worker attempted to assault me at the job. Thanks to my U.S. Army training I got the guy off me.

It’s real people. It’s real. That white co-worker after threatening another white co-worker was “allowed” to retire. That means he can come back to the job anytime. That means next time might be my last time.

Will there be a hue and cry from white America if I disappeared from the scene. Honestly. No. Just like on Sunday white people will go to their respective churches. Worship a white Jesus and go on with their lives. After all Black Lives have No Value in America. Stone. Cold. Hard. Honest. Truth.


Black Lives Matter

Kevin Hart INSPIRATIONAL Interview At The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 (6/10/2016)


Baby Boy

He looked like an Angel albeit a broken Angel splayed out on the cold marble floor. His head at angles with his twisted body along with his staring unseeing eyes extinguished any hope that the embers of life still burned within him.  The earth came up to meet him and swallowed him into the heavens.  The Benjamins make a poor parachute.

Cupid shot by his own Arrow.
Cupid shot by his own Arrow.


Baby Boy

Baby Boy Got $200 sneakers as a reward for cussing the teachers and failing in school. Teacher or principals fault. Grades all F but it ain’t me you fucked up can’t you see! School’s for Fools. Some place I don’t want to be.

Baby Boy he never wrong. They got it all mixed up seeing me strong. Y’all know I’m the King of my crew. God’s Gift to everything.

But in the back of your head all you can see is yo’ no count Daddy, welfare system and crackhead Momma staring back in the mirror saying you gonna be like me.

Hanging out in the upper class nabe with my hoodrat crew. See a few things I wanna take. Wait a minute! What’s that I hear! A siren in back of me. Starting to fear. Next thing I’m on Lock down in Juvie Hall. Where my crew at now when as I’m taking this fall.

Baby boy lying in a ditch. Worse off than being a Snitch. Off to Rikers’ to be somebody’s Bitch. Baby Boy. You Done. You Done.


His rhymes had got him to the big time. Opened new doors of upper class vice and sin. The immoralities of the 1%. I gazed at my son from the balcony of one of the greatest art institutions in the city seeing not the young man who had entered the 27 Club of the Immortals but every little boy running up and down Linden Blvd., Jamaica Avenue, Fulton Street or Sedgwick Avenue running to be the next 50 cent or Jay-Z finding fame and winding up on 27 Jump Street misjudging the doubles lives one foot in the hood and the other on Central Park West or the Upper East Side seeking Hipster fame and validation.

Jump my Son/Sun. Jump out of your dreams and into Eternity.

Share Your World – May 21, 2018



Share Your World – May 21, 2018

Share Your World – May 21, 2018




What household chore do you absolutely enjoy doing? (can be indoor or outdoor)  

None. By definition of the word chore that’s an obligation not something you want to do. The only thing that might come close in my case is washing dishes.

Create a sentence with the words “neon green” and train”.

Thomas the Tank Engine normally a happy train ingested the wrong fuel causing him to turn Neon Green.

Other than your cell phone what can you always be found with?

A notebook. As a writer I carry a notebook with me everywhere so when inspiration strikes I can write it down quickly.

Complete this sentence: This sandwich could really use some …

Honey Mustard

What is your least favorite candy?

I’m trying to stay away from candy. When I was a kid I ate candy every chance I got. Now that I’m older I need to watch my sugar numbers so I try to avoid candy.

What sign are you? Do you believe in astrology?

Pisces.  Some aspects of astrology for Pisces do describe me but I can’t say that I believe in it. I used to read the Astrology predictions in the newspapers but they were usually wrong. Centering around husband or kids and I’m not married nor do I have children. Of course the stuff in the newspaper is so general. However I would never have my chart done.  God is in control of my life. I leave all up to the Lord.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

My Artwork.  When the weather is nice then I can even paint outside.











A Leap Forward in Every Direction


A Leap Forward in Every Direction


When I was young I was Tender-headed and Tenderhearted. I swam through sands of time to get to the beach front ocean shores. I swam through rocks, grains, granules and grit to get to my Destiny.

Carbon Dating

The Smell of freshly washed Dappled spring skin. Skin Dappled by the Sun, sand, sea and ocean waves. Waves crashing onto rocky shores.

Scintillating Sunkist spring summer skin. Tidal surf ebb and flow into each curve and crevice.

Skin. Warm. Soft to the touch. Beach granules loofah resting ocean bodies. Oceans Lapping over Femscapes and Manscapes.

Convergence and Chaos

Ocean Sea Goddess Rages Forward. Crippled and Hobbled by the Elements. Pinned to Exultation.

Thus begins the Mating Ritual. Three revolutions then Spin Centrifuge. Head to head. Nose to Nose. Body to Body.

Skinscapes. Dappled Horses prancing within dappled Orchards. Beads of Sweat mixing with Sea Spray.

Birth through Resurrection. We Glean from the Threshing Floor antics.

Dappled Dancing Driftwood Antlers







Nubian Ninja & Kinetictra








Nubian Ninja & Kinetictra


Sheets and sheets of dark green rain filled with spores began to blanket the land.  Mixed with the deep purple midnight blue the torrential downpour became a deluge which obliterated the pin prick lights of stars attempting to peek through the watery avalanche.  Murmuring Trees.

Kinetictra sat motionless allowing the floodgates to pour over her naked body swirling around each curve, valley and mounds as she dissolved into root born fractal sperms seeking unification with multiple ovum.  A Lone Woman bonding with Gaia. Vaporized within the Myst.

As the heavily pregnant raindrops pelted the earth creating concentric circles in which the wet gelled into numerous amber chrysalis’s filled with the spawn of Kinetictra mangled internal universe.  The birth of nascent beings.

As Kinetictra descends into the depths of the Roots Systems every precious stone and metal within earth binds itself to her body.







The Nubian Ninja

140 lbs of Furious Fists and Sacred Sabers
Scotia yelled as she was chased down the platform by the Nubian Ninja who wielded a large Samurai sword. She ran with the added discomfort of having to hold in her disemboweled intestines that kept spilling from her neatly divided abdomen. Confronted by a concrete wall which proved to be her literal dead end she continued yelling while trying to dodge imminent death as the Nubian Ninja connected sword to the bone rose pink flesh of her neck. The expression on Scotia’s disembodied head kept yelling albeit now soundlessly as her head bounced along the subway platform and onto the tracks to be crushed by an incoming train, Scotia’s never used grey matter becoming fodder for the industrial strength rats that inhabit the subterranean portals to Hades.  The Nubian Ninja had once again used her Warrior Scimitar Sword to dispatch yet another elitist slut bitch from the pristine environs of the house of order.


The Aura and The Host

IntraSpectural Dimensions


Kinetictra a child of  Intra-Stelluar Being Triffid and Protea who was born on planet Earth in  Africa.   When the mighty Harmattan  merged with the Powerful Sirocco.  She who conquers and tames the Simoom Shall be Crowned Queen of All

Sprouting and Rooting from Gaia

As Kinetictra lay incubating within Gaia’s Womb the earth split and a Raging Ruby River deposited and encrypted Rubies, Paraiba Tourmaline, Garnet, Tsavorite, Zircon, Tanzanite, Topaz and Sapphire jewels into her receptive body.

Sending out Tracers across the gloomy murkiness of shades and shadows.  Booming Canons sent asteroids careening across the galaxies.  Meteors, Moons, stars and minor planets were in awe of such power yet ready to exit their orbits to avoid destruction or damage. Atoms, neutrons and protons rushed the dimensional vortex.




The Nubian Ninja

Who is the Nubian Ninja?  Was she a Trance birthed from Hallucinations?

Those who disgraced and defiled Nubia’s sanctuary on a weekly basis realize that their quiet soft spoken colleague had a dark side. Nubia had promised herself never to once again resurrect or revisit that dark side, the side who takes vengeance, which litters the landscape with the corpses of ignorant fools who failed to take heed of repeated warnings. Nubia meditated on suppression of her subversive alter ego as the barbs, slings and arrows of outrageous fortune repeatedly found their mark on her heart and soul. She had tried reason but who can reason with fools sprung from the depths of folly, the ignorant and shallow who wallowed in self pride and celebrated their senselessness.

There could be no more attempts at intelligent discussion. War had begun.  A time of cleansing was now at hand. The first of many wives of Job and daughters of Michal had to be sacrificed on the altars of their inflated egos, forever to dwell in the sixth and ninth circles of the Inferno.


Leviathan splits the atmosphere! 

Nubian Ninja implores Kinetictra.  Awake Dear SiStar out of your stupor for we must prepare to do battle with the Beyonders!  Come out from your Desolate place.

Each SiStar Loc of Kinetictra’s noble royal head rose up in agreement!

Reaching across the vortex into sonic booms to turn breech birth solar systems in labor! Washing out orbital impurities before they arrive to future homelands!



“Though you cry out for them, tender mercies will not be extended to you! Cried Nubia as she the sharp hook at the end of Laser Locs pierced the side of her intended’s cranium popping out her right eye through its orbital socket. The same procedure was done to the left eye, Shani’s last vision, of the Nubian Ninja’s grinning face as the victim could only anticipate what unseen tortures lay ahead.

“Yiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! You psychotic bitch! Screamed Shani right before her neck snapped rendering future protestations null, void and useless.

“Yes, I’m the psychotic bitch who’s now in control.

The Nubian Ninja dwelt in what appeared to outsiders as a deserted Victorian Gothic Mansion built as a mesh of Neoclassical and Rococo elements; an architectural wonder created in the 1850s for its original owners.  As time passed and the Civil War depleted the resources of the owners upon their deaths it was bequeathed to a Non Profit Medical Center which turned the Manor Mansion into a hospital for the criminally insane staffed by doctors, nurses and therapists who were not too far removed from their patients in temperament and demeanor.







Rapid Cool Running of Perpetual Motion








Photograph of one of my favorite sculptures, “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space by Umberto Boccioni. Personally I called this guy, “Running Man.” No matter from what angle you capture him he always appears to be in perpetual motion. Even my blurry shots serve to promote his Mad Dash to who knows where?!! Also makes me think of the dance called the Running Man popular several years ago.