Kindles, Self Scanning Grocery Aisles, Dead Bluetooths

Kindles, Self Scanning Grocery Aisles, Dead Bluetooth’s  


While Kindles are making their way down the price charts let’s hope they are easier to use than the newly installed Self-Service aisles in Keyfood. I cursed as I scanned my food items yesterday because either I wasn’t scanning correctly, failed to scan store coupons that I didn’t have quickly, and didn’t put the food items in the bag fast enough. Plus I had to whip out my Keyfood discount card, scan items, bag food and dance the Highland Jig! Okay well not the last one. But the machine kept hanging up because I was doing the first three ways too slow.

Folks, you know that I have no eye-hand coordination at all! While I was saying the “F” word to this magical device several Keyfood Angels came to my assistance and unlocked my demon possessed device and I was able to pay for my items and leave our newly 21st Century grocery store.

 Was still cursing modern technology as I left the store all the while getting ready to chat with a friend via my cell phone knowing that he’d be speaking to me using his Bluetooth. In the course of the conversation his Bluetooth died and I had to go over to where he was to finish our conversation. Let’s hope it works today because we have plans for later on. Let’s say it with passion, “Technology Sucks”!!

Prices for some Kindles have actually dropped to $139. This price is doable for me. Has something called Wi-Fi, which I have no idea what Wi-Fi is but maybe it’s something the device needs to operate. The other Kindle model is $189 and is 3G + Wi-Fi whatever that means. Anyway that’s too much money. And exactly what is a 3G anything like an “Old G” or “G-Money” the dude rapping or stealing down the street?

 Don’t know why a technophobe and sometime Luddite is considering buying yet another electronic computer device that will cause me head banging and brain wracking. Ladies you’re corresponding with a woman who took two months to learn how to operate a simple Nokia cell phone I purchased in May 2008. There are probably functions on that celly that I still have no idea what they do. I believe the only reason I’ve been able to accept, live with and love computers and cell phones is because they came out while I was in my 20s and my brain was still in gear, open and eager to try anything new.

Back in 1985/6 that IBM PC my employer placed in my desk and told me go learn this. (No Training Departments in those day) Well my Boss may as well put a favorite childhood toy on my desk. I literally had oodles of fun learning DOS commands and all that now ancient computer software like MultiMate, Wang, and Ashton-Tate’s Dbase. So much fun and fascination. I took to emerging technologies like a duck to water and became the unofficial go-to troubleshooter lady at every job I had from 1983 until 2006.

 Now because of the nature of my current job in the museum where I gaze at artwork created from centuries past my previous or formers lives rise up waiting to return me to either the 18th or 19th Centuries. Folks who lived in Colonial Times are reaching out to me claiming me as a lost sister, wondering why I am trapped in this future time so far away from theirs. Thus the venues and settings of the majority of my short stories.

 And all this talk about Apps! Touch Screen Cell Phones! The kiosks in Penn Station and the Metro Card machines at every subway station make me want to break out the Purell and spray those germ factories with Lysol.

I hate touching anything unless I’m giving my brother a hug, kissing and hugging my cat or hugging and other things with a handsome man. Still must wash my hands after the last two.

Little electronic devices where you touch the screen and all of a sudden the New York Times comes up, you can connect to the Internet, watch movies and videos! It’s all too overwhelming for me––. Can you say “Brain Freeze”!!!!

Oh my look at the time! Gotta send a sext message to Mr. Right Now! Cell phones were made for hook-ups! (evil smile)

See ya next blog Peoples!!