“What We Lose When We Choose Youth Over Wisdom in the Workplace”

“What We Lose When We Choose Youth Over Wisdom in the Workplace” @askpang https://journal.thriveglobal.com/what-we-lose-when-we-choose-youth-over-wisdom-in-the-workplace-4fd64484bb19

Let’s Disrupt-aging and the surrounding myths. People over Fifty have a lot to offer and can make significant contributions to the workplace. 

“Quit Trying To Be A Superhero”

“Quit Trying To Be A Superhero” @DariusForoux https://medium.com/art-of-practicality/quit-trying-to-be-a-superhero-8612a1adae6

Now I will only be a Super hero on Halloween.


Gaia Reclaiming Her Land


Land formerly wood, concrete and metal of long forgotten torn down buildings must give way to Queen Gaia as she Reclaims Land abandoned whilst She Festooning it with wild Beauty.

No. Not weeds to Her. But cordial Flora, Plants, bushes, sapling trees, flowers finding a home plus phenomenal growth where no man can pass allowing birds and small animals sanctuary during spring into summer.

Dancing happily flowing with gentle breezes. Tonight the woodland Nymphs shall dance with abandon around and through dusky moss green covers.

All Photos taken along Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY.


Life is an Illusion





80’s – Imagination – Just an Illusion 1982


But Pain and Heartache are Real


Caturday ~ June 24th ~~ 2017


Caturday ~ June 24th ~~ 2017


Catnip ~~ Mary Jane for Cats!!






Thanks Fur Watching!

Meows from His Royal Catness aka Sylvester!

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