Update ~~ Reality Sets in



Due to the accident on Sunday I must leave the blogging world for a while. Now there are a couple of blogs in the pipeline which were done before my accident.  Any blogs that I was working on will remain unfinished and I will probably Delete those.  Makes no sense to keep working on them.

I’m having headaches and difficulty from being hit in my left eye. My vision is blurry and cloudy.  It’s like looking at the world through gauze. And Yes I Must Keep working.  Since I must support myself I will continue to work. My right eye still works.  The rent must be paid as do my other bills.

I will receive Workmans comp and FMLA in time.  Paperwork must be filled out by my doctors.  Due to the nature of the accident and depth of injury I need to stay away from computer screens.  I have also unsubscribed from most blogs. I can no longer keep up and it’s tiring for me to read. Perhaps this is the end of blogging for me.  Sometimes we are forced to give up doing the things we Love.  That is the way of the world.

It will be months probably years if my condition improves and actually it won’t because my left eye was already damaged from hypertension.

If this is the end well it’s been a nice run.  I can truly say that I am Not bitter or angry.  Being bitter and angry will not help me regain my eyesight. Most likely it’s gone forever. I must accept and adjust to this new life.

It was an accident and everything happens for a reason. Even though I will be receiving medical treatment the damage is such that I most likely will not regain my full vision.  As you age you start to have vision problems anyway.  Mine started when I was 49 and now I’m almost 60.  I will be 60 next year. This accident accelerated my vision problems but it is what it is.

If possible I will try to keep up with my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.  That requires less effort.  However I will not be too keen on Future Photography Challenges of any kind.  Anything you see on Roaming Urban Gypsy were taken prior to the accident.


Farewell and Blessings to all.

Again I will Not be able to respond to or answer any comments as it is way too difficult for me to read them.

Hospital Update



I was released from the hospital around Midnight.  For obvious reasons since this involves my job I cannot answer questions or respond to comments. For legal reasons I cannot discuss further on why or how I got hit in my left eye.  Nor should I be looking at any computer screens.  All I will say is that the eye I got hit in was the same eye that I had retina surgery on several years ago.

I will be losing time and money going to my retina specialist for followup visits. During the exam last night the doctor did find that I have a cataract in my left eye.

This is as much information as I am at liberty to divulge.  I’ve had problems on my job for years which is now getting worse.  I’m in contact with my Union office.


Again thanks for your wishes but I will Not be responding to comments.  It’s time for me to stop blogging for a while.

Good Bye.

Gallery Sitting

Gallery Sitting at the Museum Union Art Show!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Gallery Sitting

Yesterday I volunteered as a Gallery Sitter for the Museum Union Art Show located at El Barrio Artspace PS 109, 215 East 99th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.  The show features 90 Artworks by Museum Union Members and continues until March 21st.  I am honored, proud, and elated to be a part of such gifted, talented hardworking group of Union Members.  We Stand United in strength as Union members sharing our creativity with the world.

During the Three  3  hours I was there I took the opportunity to take more photos of the Union Art Show and as I left the building I took photos of the building which used to be a school and is now an artists residence, creative art space with galleries and offices.

Because of the turrets, gargoyles and other architectural elements the building is often described as a Castle.  It was also…

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