The Chatty Grim Reaper ~~ Objects in the Mirror Are Closer than They Appear



The Chatty Grim Reaper ~~ Objects in the Mirror Are Closer than They Appear

I have been waiting for you. Waiting always. In the midst out of the Myst came the Whistler. The Whistler who was present at my birth. There for my Mother’s transition now appeared in Her Full Glory of bright vivid raiment bedecked with Jewels that I might attain my purpose and mission. Her tightly coiled Locs were red, blue, and violet hues free flowing whipping in the breeze of arrival.

Your Mothers was a truncated race but you my Daughter Mother Star~Child shall finish your course.

When the mothers are young She starts out like a cobweb like structure. A living breathing and growing colony. On the surface we may look like one intact structure but we are individual elements interdependent upon one another. The Larger and more mature Mothers are the more children she can support. Well developed Mothers have a symbiotic effect where the Daughter Mothers feed and nourish the Queen Mother and She them. The Queen Mother as well as the Daughter Mothers are nutrient and mineral rich colonies filled with enzymes, quarks, protons and neutrons. All minds are One Purpose.

Wait for the Khemetic Verse.


Parliament – Mothership Connection


But first Star-child Let us attend to the mundane. I need no sustenance as I am in my Ascended body but you have not yet attained and require earthly nourishment.


Urchins in the well.

Wait for the Khemetic Verse.



In the midst came blasts of Green Glazed Temples. Along with herself She took herself Soul Capture Device which recorded images and transferred them via sensor chips from brain to brain. She shook herself free from all limitations.

Then came a flurry of white Hatchlings like a blinding white Blizzard blanketing the sky. Pale white skin absent of color. Devoid of Life. A Sign of Death. With the white-out came the skeletal rider upon bony starvation horse leading lost souls to fancy white-washed Temples of Grandeur holding dead men’s bones.

Spores. Benediction. Blessing. Grace.

Wark! Wark! Cried Clumsily executed criminals who had suffered victims denying them mercy.  Demented now sorrowful souls doomed to wander whited barren fields of broken tombstones.

Searching tomb stores filled with broken neck shadows wailing and gnashing of teeth. Crying out for peace yet peace was not to be found. For the torture they imposed upon others while in the earthly realm came forward to visit them cursing wicked ones to be wandering wailing shades and shadows. Neither betwixt nor between.




Khia ~~ She who was born out of time and out of season into a world she knew not. One that she did not recognize nor did recognize her. She searched her cerebral cache finding memories of another planet, distant galaxy, alternate solar systems from which she sprang. The Remembrances came rushing through her cortex like speeding bullet trains. She could make no sense of them nor could she put them in chronological order. Often the Recollection trains ran upside down and backwards.

Indigo. Indigo Child. Where are you?

Be at Peace for Resurrection is near.

Writings from Decca.

The Swift Dromedary brings Occasions of Joy.

For My Crown has never left me.



recollection, remembrance

The Struggle of the Two Natures in Man

Vajra Guru Mantra (Sacred Chants Of Buddha)


Oshun and Shango Thundered from the Seas and Oceans into myriad Cosmos.

“Pale, Pallid, wan, ashen, bloodless, Waxen, Chalky, Pasty, washed out, ghostly, deathly
attempted to overpower, ruin and genocide the Red and The Black, The Burnt Sienna, Mela-nation of Queens and Kings but in the Year 2059 Ethiopia shall Rise Again!”

“Silver Eyes See No More but be my Prophet within the Land when we shall send you”

And from that Day Forth She saw Naught save the Mystical World within.

From thence descended a tingly feeling like pins and needles coursing through every pore, vein and artery. Like a powerful electric shock combined with Lunar Solar Eclipse except this was internal and not external.


Skeptic Septic voices


VISCERAL Concave Convex Corners


Divergent Tangents














Indian Summer ~~ Warm Weather Love



My Favorite Season is Summer. I can wear my skirts and dresses. I prefer light clothing and I can still show some skin within reason naturally. My hair grows faster in the summer and my skin is soft, smooth and supple. I’m enjoying this Indian Summer. Temps in the 60s & 70s. I feel great and I can still get outside and enjoy the weather on my days off. Last Saturday I was able to take a long walk through a local historic cemetery. (See the photos on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy)

Spring, Summer and Autumn still provide the chance to enjoy nature especially flowers, trees, and greenery. New York City’s Parks and Botanic Gardens are an Oasis of green in the concrete jungle.

Summer and Autumn weather in New York is glorious. I love seeing people getting outside and enjoying everything New York has to offer.  This weather offers great opportunities to have fun and get in some exercise.

Winter is my nemesis. I’m allergic to wool. All my skin allergies act up in the winter. My skin actually peels off. Yes I can pull pieces of skin off my arms and legs. The itching is severe. The pain is awful. It feels like thousands of small needles are constantly sticking me 24/7.  Cold weather Torture.

Before I can leave the house I must slather on all type of oils, Shea Butter and lotions. Unless I apply Coconut Oil, Jojoba and Shea butter to my hair it will break off. Usually I cut my hair in the winter because otherwise it will in some cases either fall out or break off. Then their is my arthritis. Cold weather has caused my joints to lock up to the point where I can barely get out of bed and in worse case scenarios I miss work. And locked joints are extremely painful. Not a good experience.

Snow. Ice. Blizzards. Snowstorms. Neighbors, business & churches who refuse to shovel the snow or put down de-icer. Over the years several of my co-workers have fallen on the ice, been in horrible car accidents which force them to be out of work for months, broken bones to the point that one woman can no longer lift her arms above her head. So many have sustained injuries from falling on ice and snow that will never properly heal.

Below are photos from previous winters. Sometimes the snowstorms get so bad that the Mayor and Governor shut down all transportation.



Because of the nature of my job I along with everyone in Security and Custodial are expected to come to work no matter what type weather or natural disaster. Earlier this year I got docked one day because I could not get out of my house. My landlord did not shovel and my room-mate and I were trapped inside the house. You know I had to work overtime to make up that missing money.

So I don’t see why people get excited about winter or cold weather in general. Why would you want to fall on a patch of black ice and break your arms? Strange.

If I could drive I would retire to a warmer climate.  However once I do retire the good thing is that I will no longer have to navigate through snowstorms, ice storms and freezing temps.  Once I am able to retire I will just stay inside my house and hibernate.

No cold weather!


Let Indian Summer and Warm Weather continue!!





The Spooky October Tag

Playing the Spooky October Tag with Ms. LaToya. Fun Halloween Challenge.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

The Spooky October Tag 

The Spooky October Tag from


Do you get scared easily?  Sometimes

Have you ever played Bloody Mary?  No and I never will. I’m an Empath and pick up all type of energies so I do my best to avoid negative energies.

You’re home alone, but you hear footsteps. What do you do?  Nothing. It is probably my room-mate or my cat. If my brother Stephen is visiting then it’s him. My landlord lives above me so I can hear his comings and goings.

Do you prefer gore or thrillers?  


Favorite scary movies?  

Modern: The Others.  Shutter Island. The Sixth Sense.

Classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood: Anything from the 30s, 40s, & and 50s.  The Original Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy.

What was your scariest Halloween costume?  I really don’t do scary.  However Readers, Subscribers & Followers you decide…

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

My Awesome AweTism brother Stephen Palmer and my cat Sylvester make me Happy! Both bring Happiness and Joy to My Life!! Stephen’s Autism Superpower is bringing Happiness and Joy wherever he goes!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge

This week is Letter H – Topic for this week is Happy.

Stephen Posing with Bumblebee in front of Ripley's Believe it or Not

I have heard and read that no one can make you happy but I disagree. Being with my brother Stephen makes me happy. I can be myself and together we can be silly, happy & joyful. Sometimes when we hear some great music whether outside or inside the house we will break into a Happy Dance. Therefore my Happiness is my Awesome AweTism Guy (Drum-roll Please) Stephen Vincent Palmer!!  Stephen Palmer is the most Amazing Autism Guy on the Planet!!

My cat Sylvester also brings me Happiness.

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The Answer to that question is a resounding Yes!! People are stupid and then some. They have signed the Insanity Clause!


It’s not the first or the last time Garry and I will have this conversation. Really, we started having it a few years ago when we realized how many people were convinced there is no global weather change in progress. When Trump hit the ground running for office, we had a lot of trouble believing other Americans could be stupid enough to really vote for someone so obviously unqualified for the position.

When he was elected, I had to accept how many Americans are far more stupid than I imagined possible. Even all these months later, I still can’t fathom the depth of their dumbness.

Last night, on Facebook — I swear this is true — there was an article announcing all the hurricanes are man-made with laser beams. Proof? A Chinese guy with glasses said so. I got through perhaps three paragraphs before I clicked off. I’m sure millions…

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