Body of Goddess & Queen

Body of the Goddess & Queen

Wild primal feral curls atop a classic African/Native American face of high cheekbones and full lips.  Be seduced and fall into the deep pools of my brown eyes.

Strong smooth neck leading to her firm breasts perfectly filling champagne goblets.

Small waist complimented by a slightly rounded belly pierced with ruby red adornment forming a pathway to shapely a flawlessly formed excellence of buttocks, hips, and thighs.

Thighs between which lies the source of all pleasure, satisfaction, bliss, enjoyment, self & mutual gratification.  Therein revealed the ideal rosebud, the origin of the universe, the wellspring cornucopia of total elation, euphoria and jubilation.  The Black Iris which kisses the stamen releasing the cascading fountain of white semen from encased in his spheres.

Let me feel your long brown fingers playing upon my back like one plays the keys on a piano.

Let me be your instrument of all your sexual and sensual rapture.

Her well formed brown legs running for days to her African Lover, friend, & companion.

At the end of this seductive body is a foot fetish dream. Superlative pedicured toes, ready to be massaged and to massage your chocolate body. An entire Ethiopian dream body kept soft by daily anointings of oils, creams, and lotions.  Would you not desire to be the blessed Black Brother chosen to caress her sacred temple with sacred scented oils.

No inhibitions. No restrictions.

Only endless ecstasy within the garden of earthly and heavenly delights.

Dedicated to the Black Man — My True African King

Heather Headley — He Is

The Goddess & Queen
Queen Candace Regent of Ethiopia


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