Mable Elizabeth Palmer & 50s Fashion

Not every Lady from the 1950s wore corny wacky fashions during the 1950s. As you can see from the photos my Mom had great taste, was fashionably attired and was Elegance personified. Simple yet Refined. She was the cream of the crop out of all the Ladies in Dayton, Ohio. These pictures taken in Dayton, Ohio probably  around 1956 at a local park.

My parents were married in December 1955 and stayed married for 40 years. Only death separated them when my Dad died in 1995 and death brought them back together in 1998 when my Dad came for his Beloved Bride.

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I can see her face within mine. Thank you Mom for carrying me for 9 months within your womb and raising me to be a responsible hard working faithful adult. I Love and Miss you dearly.








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      1. Thanks! My Birthday is actually Monday, Feb. 27th but I decided to make it a 4 day Celebration which began yesterday Friday. Since I do not have to return to work until Tuesday I’m Free as a Bird to Pamper myself and Promenade!! LOL!! 😀 🙂

    1. I included this blog about my Mom because in a previous blog I shared some fashion videos from my birth year 1959. That blog post covered what was going on in 1959 the year that I was born. It was fun! The music and cars were great but the fashion left a lot to be desired. Fortunately my Mom a small town girl from Dayton, Ohio could have held her own with any fashion models of the 50s and 60s. She packed a lot into a 4′ 11″ frame. Small yet powerful with a fantastic sense of humor!! ❤

      1. It’s really Amazing what you can find out if you put your birth year in YouTube or Google!! In May I will do the same for my brother Stephen who was born in 1961 and travel down memory lane once again.

  1. Your Mom was certainly elegant DeBorah. I think you need to change the date they got married a you’ve put 95 rather than 59 which I suspect.
    Have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow (Monday),, In Welsh it’s Penblwydd Hapus.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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