Displaced Person


Displaced Person ~~ Never Belonging. Far from home.

She’s the Bitch. The chamber-pot of life.

She seriously thought of slicing him up one side and down the other when the bullet just missed her head. When his attempts at strangulation fell short. She saw his entrails wrapped tightly around his neck.

She didn’t slit his throat or beat the other one to expolsive bits with a baseball bat but she envisioned it. How many times can he slap me and get away with it. Too many to number. Infinity. Head wobbling.  Yellow-Green Snot pus slobber pouring out my nose down onto my uniform.

She rides in car streams of vomit, feces and urine. Mutilated. Mangled beings populate her dystopian universe. “S’cuse me but could you just step over that green bile coursing down the subway car?? Sludge blood concrete plug up my nose.

Code Blue! Code Blue! This is where fuck-ups and Losers with a capital L Land!!  The Land of Misfit girls & boys!!

Pink Floyd – another brick in the wall


There is no magic with mercenaries playing target practice with your head.

No victories only victims on their way to a saccharine based shag rug 70s hell.

The Celebration Doves just shit on my red plaid dress. She has been ground down to dust on by a wayward meal stone. Happy is the Costume. Despair/Sad is reality.

Please put down the white wash vanilla frosting. You are nothing but a pack of diseased vultures. I am a blood red velvet cupcake with arsenic inside. EAT ME!!

At the end of the rainbow is not gold but killer clowns from planet X-Pluto Negative 9.



You’ve Entered a Forbidden Zone!!

Following limits are not amused.

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