Non-autistic: “Everybody’s like that.” No. You aren’t.

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People are forever asking me if my brother Stephen is like the character in the movie Rain man? !

the silent wave

Like almost all other human beings, I try to form, strengthen, and enrich bonds with other people.  Given the fact that the world’s population dice are weighted much more heavily toward neurotypicality, chances are that most of these people aren’t going to be sitting next to me anywhere on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum.

As part of the attempted bonding process, especially with those closest to me who are neurotypical, I often find myself explaining and describing various aspects of Asperger’s/autism to them, such as individual traits, culture, vocabulary/lexicon, and some of the issues we tend to face in the autism spectrum community.  After all, even though we may walk the same ground from day to day and visit the same places, we actually live in slightly different worlds.  Or maybe it’s the same exact world, but perhaps skewed and viewed from different angles, depending on one’s neurological orientation.

For example, I…

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Hideout and the Final Escape



One Word Photo Challenge: Escape

One Word Photo Challenge: Escape

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Part III: People, Places & Things

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

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This week’s word is Escape!


To quote one of my parents favorite sayings, “What is Done in the Dark shall come to the Light.”

Mark 4:22

New King James Version (NKJV)

22 For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.


The Gospel Harmonettes-No Hiding Place Down Here


BeBe & CeCe Winas – No Hiding Place






UK Democracy at Work

#45 #NotMyPresident is an embarrassment to all Americans!! He is making us a pariah throughout the world!! Ugh!!

Write to Inspire

Trump State Visit – Petition and Debate

The people of the United Kingdom are overwhelmingly against President Trump being honoured with a State visit. The nation has spoken.

On a personal level, I do not wish to see a man who thinks that it is OK to grab a woman by her genitals, although he expressed this much more crudely than I, shaking handDonald Trump presidencys with my Queen, who is the most dignified and respected woman in the world.

Many years ago, at the commencement of my long and distinguished military career, I swore an oath of allegiance to Her Majesty. I am left wondering how I can protect her from this seemingly perverted President.

Naz Shah, MP for Bradford West, was one of the most eloquent and convincing speakers in the MPs’ debate. You can view and hear her four minute speech here. It is worth a few…

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There WAS A Terror Attack In Sweden Recently, But Trump Won’t Like Who The Terrorists Were

#45 aka Orange haired Cheeto-head does not disavow the American Nazi, Party, the Christian Identity movement or the KKK. Oops wait the KKK has supported him all through his campaign and is currently backing him!!

The Fifth Column

Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images Olivier Douliery via Getty Images


This makes Trump look CLOWNISHLY bad.

Trump drew international attention—again—by claiming there was a terror attack in Sweden on the night of Feb. 17. To cover his gross lie, he tweeted today that his remarks were in reference to something Fox News reported, which is either just another lie, or a gross misunderstanding of a documentary Fox News aired. But it seems that there really was a terror attack in Sweden recently, in a city called Gothenburg.

The suspected terrorists in this attack were Neo-Nazis, and they attacked a refugee center in Gothenburg with a homemade bomb last month. One person was seriously injured in the attack.

Swedish intelligence said that the attack was linked to two others in Gothenburg, and appeared to be politically motivated, which isn’t shocking if the terrorists were white Neo-Nazis, and members of a white supremacist group…

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