Halloween 2015

Halloween 2015. Super Sibs DeBorah and Stephen protect and defend the inhabitants of Sherwood Forest!!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Stephen as Robin Hood, Defender and Champion of Sherwood Forest!
Creative pumpkin designs at AABR.

DeBorah the Huntress surveys her territory! Behold! I along with Stephen am the Protector of the Sherwood Forest!  My costume is sort of a combination of Diana the Huntress and the young woman character from the Hunger Games.

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Halloween 2015 Halloween 2015

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Halloween and the Great Pumpkin

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown — clip

Halloween Last Year 2014. Actually Stephen wore this costume for both Halloween 2013 and 2014. This year I decided he needed a new costume. Stephen went to see Renaissance Faire in upstate New York so we decided on a semi-Renaissance theme for this years Halloween.  By today’s end or at least tomorrow morning Get Ready to see the Super Sibs become Ladies and Knights of yore!

Cracker Jack Popcorn & Peanuts
Cracker Jack Popcorn & Peanuts

Cracker Jack

Sailor Stephen
Sailor Stephen

Stephen Sails the Oceans Stephen Sails the Seas Stephen the Happy Sailor Stephen the Sailor

Last year I went as a Black Panther, the animal not the radical group from the 60s!  This year with Stephen’s input I decided to ditch the animal themes and Go Forth as a Huntress. Stephen will be a Robin Hood with Soul!!

Stay tuned photos of Halloween 2015!!

Me as the Black Panther
Me as the Black Panther

Black Panther2


Ebony Panther
Ebony Panther

Getting off the Hamster Wheel and Moving Towards Halloween

“God will repay each person according to what they have done.” Romans 2:6

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9


I’ve decided to concentrate on good and positive things instead of the drama I’ve been going through for over two years. There is very little I can do with my current situation concerning FMLA and Guardianship for Stephen. Basically the Human Resources person has had me jumping through hoops like a trained monkey. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a not so Merry-Go-Round which speeds up when it gets to the brass ring with me nearly falling on my face trying to catch the distant prize.

I do Thank my DC 37 Union Reps for standing by my side during this extremely stressful time of my life.

I dedicate this song to evil selfish wicked H.R. (Human Resources staff). Be aware that H.R. is only there to protect the organization. The needs of the institution will always come before the needs of the employees.

The Foundations – Build me up

Dilbert and Catbert the Evil H.R. Director
Dilbert and Catbert the Evil H.R. Director

Mummy_Smiley Dilbert_Catbert evil H.R. Director

More or less I’m beating my head against a brick wall. In order not to wind up in the hospital again (I spent two weeks in the psych ward of Kings County Hospital for nervous exhaustion. Not a good way to spend Palm Sunday and Easter.) I realize I have to stop allowing my job to make a complete fool out of me.  Now I can laugh somewhat at my former incarceration in the mental ward but while I was in the I was in complete fear for my life and was glad to get out. After they shove enough anti-psychotic drugs down your gullet life may not be beautiful but the doctors have succeeded in making you submissive and robotic.

Napoleon XIV: ‘They’re coming to take me away’

Yes there is always hope, probably false hope but all that’s done is cause me daily stomachaches, chronic insomnia and tears. Best to lower my expectations that way I won’t be hurt or disappointed.

Vampire Smiley
Vampire Smiley

Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes of the Brokenhearted (HQ) [They become Crazy Cat Ladies!!]

The Main Ingredient-Everybody Plays The Fool

Now for the Happy Stuff

Okay now that’s out of the way onto Halloween.  In this post I’ll be including photos from past Halloweens. One year Stephen won 1st Prize for best costume. He was dressed as a Scarecrow. The only year Halloween came to an abrupt stop was 2012 when Hurricane Sandy devastated the states of New York and New Jersey.

This year Stephen is going to be Robin Hood. Yes folks a Black Robin Hood. Robin Hood got Soul!!  LOL!!  And I will be a Huntress!!  I will be posting this years Halloween costumes for 2015 in next weekend’s Blog Post!

Year of the Tiger!
Halloween 2013 ~ Year of the Tiger!!
Me channeling Cat Woman Halloween 2011
Me channeling Cat Woman Halloween 2011
My Avatar ~ Cat Woman
My Avatar ~ Cat Woman


Stephen as Scarecrow
Stephen as Scarecrow

Bobby Pickett “Monster Mash”

One Eyed one Horned Flying Purple People Eater

Werewolves Of London

A few years ago I dated a guy who could have passed for a Werewolf. This guy had hair growing out of his back!! In fact he had everywhere except on his head where he was going bald!! Go Figure. Anyway he was a nice guy but too hirsute for me.

Original GhostBusters Theme Song

When this movie came out I actually stood on line for over an hour to get my album signed by Ray Parker Jr.  That brother was so fine that when I finally got to the front and he asked me my name I nearly forgot!! I would not mind at all if I woke up one morning and Ray was in my bed!  LOL!!

Michael Jackson – Thriller




Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Week 24 – Hats


Roaming Urban Gypsy

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hats

My brother Stephen Palmer with his Frank Sinatra style hat!  What a Cool Dude!

My brother Stephen Palmer with his Frank Sinatra style hat!  What a Cool Dude! My brother Stephen Palmer with his Frank Sinatra style hat! What a Cool Dude!

Me Easter 1964 Me Easter 1964

Me and Stephen March 1964. Dig my crazy pigtail hat!! LOL!! Me and Stephen March 1964. Dig my crazy pigtail hat!! LOL!!

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After You’ve Done All You Can Just Stand

Stand By Donnie McClurkin

Put in a call to AHRC New York City, got on their wait list and they will be mailing me out a list of Guardianship Lawyers. The woman answering my call said the wait is usually one to two years. Now that I think that through by the time I actually get a lawyer I’ll be retired!! Somehow this is a cosmic joke and Stephen and I are the punch lines. Ugh!!

In order to remain calm and somewhat stable I’ve been doing lots of praying. I’ve always been a woman of prayer but these last few months in fact since the end of 2014 I’ve been under extreme stress. Finally I’ve begun to fall back on my Baptist upbringing and put all my cares, fears, faults and failures in Jesus hands. Basically As far as my brother Stephen and I are concerned everything is in God’s hands now. I have exhausted all my options and sometimes it seems it’s never enough. I’m never enough. Not good enough. Not smart enough. Lots of shame and guilt. Many times tired and burnt out but still struggling because Stephen is relying on me.

So Lord Jesus I commit my troubled life to you. Let God’s Will be done in our lives. For only God sees the tears I cry at night, is with me through sleepless nights and by my side while I fake smile during the day at work all the while broken inside.

People who are atheists and/or non-believers probably laugh and joke about people like me. People of Faith but let me tell you something when you’ve back is against the wall, Mom and Dad are gone, no husband or boyfriend, friends and family have long left you behind that’s where your Faith comes in otherwise I’d go crazy. Truly Jesus is my only friend. The only one on whom I can rely. Jesus is there in the midnight hour when there is no one else who cares or will listen. One day I will find out why, my purpose and what this struggle all means but as for now I put my hand in his hand.

Ocean – Put Your Hand In The Hand (1971 – HQ) (Original Live Audio)

24 Hour Pizza and Parakeets

Live Parakeets and Bullfrogs Amid the Wreckage of War


Lost Parakeet

Whilst spelunking illegally in the subterranean caverns of abandoned subway stations my partner and I came upon an entire underground city.  A dim, dark, dismal world of creeps and shadows yet illuminated by bursts of flying colors.  Drawn into soaring searing winged rainbow brightness were heart shaped barbed wire around a complex populated by shades, shadows, ghosts and spirits. Not so much to keep them from getting out but to prevent flesh beings from getting in. Like Bot beings from Metropolis they went about their daily chores, duties and jobs seemingly oblivious to changes taking place around them.

Voices wavered and shook creating echo chambers of reverberating sounds.  Frozen seaside faces mouths agape in silent screams.  My nerves adrift on a sea of razors. My breath the color of repose.  Coming towards me the cyclist who a few months ago lay in a crumpled heap his bike flung across the median, he a corpse cordoned off by yellow police tape while tourists take photos to upload on Facebook and Instagram.  Once headed 100 miles an hour into a Vortex, now upright said cyclist strides as King in this darkened world.  The Coroner declares………..He stripped off everything he had been.  He died as he came into the world. All the layers of the identity removed he became himself again.  Out of Potters Field and straight into Destiny.

Enraged the Minotaur went into combat mode launching heat seeking missiles, Molotov Cocktails and flaming boulders at our encampment. The explosions in his head became a fiery reality. Having survived an attack by the Minotaur they called it Resurrection Alley.  An insurrection upon whispers of ectoplasm who had no knowledge of danger. Like Sisyphus condemned to have his liver torn out each day they continued their rituals indifferent to a storm of chaos knowing they were the eye of the storm a vacuum of apathy.  Blood colored feces littered the floor as the legless man snaked his way across the corridors, then did a neat pirouette on his hands.

They found the Postman dead on the living room floor. LSD’d into a delicate condition.

Squeezed out cumulus clouds lefty dewy footprints over gravel, dirt and rubble.  The Necropolis is a living Cyclone of Scimitars ready to strike.

Go to Sleep………

Go to Sleep……….

Go to Sleep…………

I felt myself gurgling choking on blood and vomit I coughed up the bullet then I let go.  Red robin took the shiny casings to feather her nest.

For I too am a denizen of this debris strewn wasteland.