9th Dimension Changelings

Their skins were of a royal purple hue.  Ninth Dimension changelings’ distinctive characteristics were extremely long lavender eyelashes with feather extensions from the corner of each eye.  The color of the eye plumes varied among their tribes, shade designating their family coat of arms. Some 9th dimension changelings had tiny diamond third eyes above and below their natural visual orbs.  The eye feathers served dual purposes of adornment and transport.  Diamond, ruby, pearl, amethyst, and other gemmed 3rd eyes assisted in communication with fellow tribal changelings as well as those from other alternate universes. These implanted jewels were internal and external translation devices enabling ninth universe beings to understand and be understood throughout the celestial Diaspora. Shamans and priestesses had golden hued skins with clusters of many color jewels over their right eye or to the side of the left eye.  The High Priestess had the additional

Embellishments of semiprecious stones and crystals embedded into her chest region in addition to extra fine purple and blue feathers extended from her top and lower eyelids.  All Her majestic emissaries had spiraling, thick curly multi-colored hair that extended in an outward spherical motion from the heads.  Sacred inscriptions covered their backs, abdomens, arms and legs.

Word-sense disambiguation

Being Ninth Dimension beings from a higher more realized realm all are Empaths & Telepaths.  Meaning they can sense the feelings, emotions, & thoughts of others then decide whether to communicate via spoken or unspoken languages.  Coming from a highly developed civilization they have the ability to heal others simply by sending healing and the ability to regenerate themselves of any illness or disability that may befall them.

They have the capability to travel through time and space either bodily or sending their doppelganger depending on the mission and circumstance.

Never ones to take themselves too seriously they have adopted the time period of 1970 to 1989 grooving to the music of Lakeside, Parliament Funkadelics & George Clinton as well as many other R&B, Soul & Funk bands.  They have Disco Parties twice a week where they dress in period costumes, embellished and elaborate as their individual creative spirits.

For this particular special party they all donned variations of what we recognize as the rum spokesperson Captain Morgan!  All stylized and elegant, not dirty like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt. Grunge is out.  Surreal sophistication is in!

They keep cats as pets.  MultiColored Bright Neon Cats.  The cats also have feathered tufts sprouting from their whiskers, ears, and eye lashes.

Their favorite theatrical activity; going to see Blue Man Group, which is a complete & total sensory experience devoid of dialogue.

They’ve visited the Isle of Misfits from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  The human occupants are rejects from Twin Peaks and the X-Files.  The Ninth Dimension beings found a way to decipher the jabberwocky constantly spouting from the minds of asylum inmates.  Most of the Island captives took LSD trips in the 1960s from which they’ve never returned.  They dropped acid sucked dry from candy strips passed around the school playground.  Every so often they have an L-Dopa Awakenings moment where they briefly come back to a semblance of normality tinged with intermittent insane ramblings.

She the Enlightened One took the red pill fell down the Rabbit Hole.

Her took the blue pill returning to contrived reality.  Even gurgling Baptismal pool water sang out in a gravelly voice, “We’re all wretched, wretched wrecks.  We’re all rejects struggling within the Hive of the Borg.  We’ve been assimilated and resistance is futile.

We may have to spin the hands counterclockwise retrieve the blue pill and ingest it. But the blue pill wasn’t really a pill at all but a blue capsule filled with transcendental HALLUCENAGENIC SENSATIONS tea leaves mixed in with peyote and Ayahuasca.

Suddenly the eccentric became a Banner of nonconformity and non convention ready to spread Her gospel of healing across the pond if not the land.  Now anointed Shamans in the church of the peculiar.

Ritual, rites, ceremony and sacrament bestowed absolution; gave order to Her chaotic life.

Latch Hook Rug Kits. Had a lot of those as a teenager and all during my twenties.  Having to follow the pattern with varying colored pieces of yarn all place in it proper place provided stability for an unstable mind trying to from a barrier against an unstable world.  When I finished pattern they’d never be hung on a wall within a beautiful wooden frame, instead they were cast inside the hall closets and when death emptied the house of its occupants the Latch Hook Rugs followed their creators into oblivion.  All Arts & Crafts are mere homey attempts to stave off insanity, until you take the every common use of a particular product or service and stand it on its ear.  Then it becomes avant garde.  From the Queen of Making Busy, I’m now the Creator Goddess of Discordant Notes and Harmonies, though not following time honored traditions of what writing is or what art is

Writing and Art are both ambiguous and subjective.

And that note I had to catch a train, so when I came to the train station everything looked so odd. I stood under the speakers to get my bearings and at once the train came inverted, upside down and going backwards. I did  not ride the train in the usual sense but I made it to my journey.

Black Unicorn Rising

My Spirit Animal Muse

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