Warning Signs that He is the Wrong Guy

Warning Signs he is the Wrong Guy!

 If he is over 50 and still lives with his mother — Leave Him Alone!

 If he has numerous children out of wedlock by several different women — Leave Him Alone!

 If he argues with all the people around him, including family, friends and co-workers, plus curses all the time — Leave Him Alone!

 If he wants to live in your apartment/home without the sacrament of marriage. Don’t do it. — Leave Him Alone!!

 Oh Yeah.. Forget about the sex until you really get to know this man and what he is about. Most men are all talk and no action anyway. Don’t waste your time. Make him wait. If he really loves you he will wait until you are ready.

 Finally and Most Important

If he does not believe in God — Leave Him Alone!

 This all is funny now, but believe me I have learned my lesson. I’ve been to the “school of hard knocks” and I don’t plan on going back. Sometimes you suffer the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” through your own fault but live and learn.