All Time Number of Steps

Break out the Champagne and Bring on the Marching Bands! I’ve hit a New High in my amount of Steps! Booyah!

Today I did a great deal of my Fitness Walking at Historic Evergreens Cemetery. Here are some photos of this beautiful, lovely, peaceful Cemetery.

I also made a few videos which I will post on my Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

My Daily Constitutional

16 thoughts on “All Time Number of Steps

  1. Wow – that cemetery does look peaceful – as I scrolled it was also chilling a few times.
    And this has to be most diverse cemetery I have seen. Well most cemeteries have unique headstones – and the variety you showed was really an experience – the names – the dates- they type of headstone and the words…. really puts one into a perspective of seeing the bigger picture of life

    1. Yes. As seen in the photos and videos grave markers and monuments were a lot more ornate. Gradually from my observations after World War 2 people shifted towards less ornate. Plus most Cemeteries have rules about what type of gravestones are allowed. On the 20th Century sides you see the more traditional ones that we are familiar with. Of course with Modern technology your likeness or that of your Loved one can be engraved into the headstone.

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