Kosmic Interstellar Space Baubles

Thurl was a bright Brilliant sparkly girl but an unusual girl who morphed into an even more unique unusual woman.

A Spicy Feral Octogon living that Stealth Life

A woman whose Memory kept falling out all over the ground floor spilling like a fast moving river underneath the closed green door.

Thurl gathered Her nerves carefully packing them up inside a Lime green Holdel bag. Pushing a few items to one side She even found space for mirrors reflections and toasted Dreams.

Carrying it outside burying it under an equally Lime Green Tree. Creating a Discovery Timeline Capsules.

Patting down smoothing the earth in a different direction She knew that crystal green eyed hazel Honey skinned Zohar would rise again. In the meantime She decided to let his untamed havoc rest. For She knew that in a few weeks that there would be a familiar face among the Leaves.

Zohar his being a mixture of Holy Water and Fire water.

Hit with the back buckle of the Bible belt. Only the Quiet ones are Left.

After pouring Libations She concluded Snapping her fingers She disappears.

Thurl the Gurl went Home in Style.

May The Choir Never Cease Singing


The Land of Yesterday Yesteryear became a Raging force strongholds more powerful than any hurricane, tornado or scirocco. Then everything went sideways and upside down.

Old World Images

New World Sculptures

Lost in Space yet Found on Earth

Rosie from The Jetsons

R2D2 and C3PO

Wall-E and a bit of Steampunk Courtesy of The Students, Alumni and Professors at The Fashion Institute of Technology

The Boxer

Here we were in the great Outdoors singing improvised Coastal Sea Shanties. Remember the Past for it Contains Future’s Seeds.

An Elfin Fairy Moongazer.

Ignore it. Ignore the internal Primate Music. Chatterbox Chatter.

Awaiting Ascension Juxtapositions — An Ode to Eden

Are we living breathing time capsules waiting to be opened by future generations?

Alive. Merely existing.

Unquiet extreme desperation for something more but we don’t know what that more is. Blend in. Blend in. Like a Chameleon. Validation mode on.

Fire Salamanders emerge from still hot ashes and charcoal bits whence Paul dipped his hand yet brought back his hand unscathed by neither flames nor poisons.

Creator demands that we be broken down into our Essential Elements.

Are we really primordial primates amphibian reptiles species awaiting Rebirth into the next level of Evolution?

Sentient beings searching for our next form. Next pattern. Next Dimensions, Galaxies and Multiple Universes.

We 20th Century born sat at the feet of our Elders absorbing our family oral traditions. Treasured Griots sharing knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

But how will our 22nd Century descendants interpret the Throwing of our old bones.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Long abandoned Blogs filled with dusty forgotten posts on desiccated lives. Forever seeking release from a wireless tangled Matrix.

Will we stand the test of time?

Or will Haramattan Sirocco winds blown from Pyramids and Sphinx wipe our Talking Heads from the Akashic Records.

Homage to Eden

She Opened the Door

Trigger Warning!

She Opened The Door

The Visitor

She opened the door and Pandoras Box flew in. Doorbell rang. Evil answered. Violence ensued. Death severed all Love ties.



July 10, 1974

Story of Ten

Was it her fault? She was only ten. How could she know? But guilt and shame will follow to the grave. Woman said that She was Mommas friend. Or so she said. Friend is a term of convenience loosely translated.

Ten ran to get help but it was already too late. As it usually is. But eventually Ten grew up and became Twenty.

Enter into the darkness allowing it to enter your immortal mind. Feed your Night Terrors.

Future Mothers day Journeys take on New meaning.

Lightning Saber. Growth Shifter.

Found her as an abandoned forgotten kitten cub alone in the Forest. Fed her. Housed Her. Trained Her. Loved Her well. Tiny Sleek Glossy Obsidian terror.

Loyalty to a fault.

Lightning Saber was a not so Secret gift from the Really Really Old Old Man with six toes on each foot.

Long ago it was predicted that our enemies would be destroyed by Light aka Lightning. She wields the Saber of Judgment and death.

The Really Really Old Old Man was suckled by the bare breasted boy Tree. An Arboreal species gifted with both sap secreting mammary glands along with testicular organs with the ability to produce seeds. Thus enacting the process of Self pollination.

Howlin’ Wolf

Twenty grew strong from military service. Twenty grew bold gaining courage from years of abuse. Twenty learned to Never back down.

Twenty laid Her trap well lacing it with sweetness and light. Gladly entering the spider’s web excited with a sense of her own importance. Getting stuck was pure Joy.

Devious female took the bait while sharp Saber took her life.

Firmly cast into the abyss. Murderous soul awakening dead.

Warrior Woman spirit finally flew Free. Mommas Soul Rejoiced.

The Deed done Saber once again Kitten sized jumped into my arms. Clasping her to my breast feeling her soothing purring rhythms.

Mommas Day Memories

Cave Dreamscapes

Cave Dreamscapes


Falling into the Joyous Chasm

Bone. Stone and Wood rocks sand, Surf and Seaside. Sharp edges flint abrasion within my soft channels. You burst through underwater caves with furious pounding motion. Ebb and flow wash over me. Casting my limp body out to sea returning it road hard and put out wet.

The curling of toes mixed with yelps of desire. Thunderous Hurricanes combined with tsunami pelting debris. No escape but do I really want to leave?

Flecks of Gold descended from Heaven.

A Tool used well sculpts my being. Melting. Realigning internal tectonic plates.

Caverns long left abandoned and unexplored gave Praise to Adventurous Exploration. A Talented Prospector mapping out New roads within the promised land.

Waking up in cold sweats on hot humid summer nights. Sweat with nowhere to vaporize pooling from crown to feet connecting to underground reservoirs.

A thirsty land temporarily satiated.

Each Cycle Loops Continuity