Already Happening: The Normalization of Trumpism – via TDB

Trumpocolypse is here. The four horsemen are riding through the land.

My Mazamet

“… Only the characteristic bluntness of a child, who proclaimed the emperor’s nudity as he paraded through the streets humiliating himself and his kingdom, threatened to break the spell. But when the boy spoke out he was quickly rebuked by his father, who assured the gasping public that the child was clearly soft in the head. So powerful is the compulsion to normalize the powerful.”

Source: Media Normalization of Trumpism – The Daily Beast

Interesting article- but that’s not the normalisation we need fear most. Yesterday I read a complaint that a reporter was offended by the use of the N word. Let that sink in. It means a reporter does not have the right to be offended by the use of the N word. This N word:


Shocked? Offended? Good, you should be. Decent people who believe in ethics, civil and human rights should be offended. Why do…

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Sibling Stories



Sibling Stories

This is the first of what I hope will be many Sibling Stories about the siblings of developmentally disabled adults. The siblings are often overlooked and there does not seem to be much in the way of programs or services that address the needs of siblings so I’ve decided to do some blog posts to highlight the lives of siblings. Our needs, hopes, dreams, goals and desires. We are multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.

The first in this series is my buddy and former co-worker Mr. Harvey Lackey. I had the pleasure of working with Harvey for four years. He is a young man filled with joy, happiness and a quick wit.

Please enjoy and give his music a listen.

Also please remember my Theme Song Jingle!!

Don’t hate! Communicate!! Collaborate!! Listen to your Heart and Donate!!  To Agencies and Organizations that provide support services and programs to Developmentally Disabled persons!! Thanks!!

Harvey’s Story

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Living with an developmentally disabled sister is a job and work in progress. You always have to keep one eye open to keep her safe. Conversation wise is not easy on my part, because she is limited in some ways with conversation & i’m not really a talkative person and i’m constantly busy. Living with 2 other older sisters & mother makes it easier to deal with. She influences my music a in some ways and she loves listening to the radio a lot in her free time. She was under care at a program called AMAC and currently under a program called IAHD.
Ras (X) is a producer/MC/Underground Indie Artist & was born in New York & raised in the Bronx. He loves hip hop, & has been a fan since the ’90s as a kid growing up. The artist’s and songs that really got him wanting to produce & MC was 2Pac, Nore’s “Banned From TV” & Canibus. After hearing 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me, he thought, I have 2 try 2 write sum lyrics. He would spend hours writing rhymes & trying 2 imitate various rappers flows & lyrics. Also, he is a huge fan of that mid ’90s-early ’00s sound. He try’s 2 get his music 2 sound like that era in the best possible way. He is a workaholic, & spends as much time possible making beats & just trying to stay on top of his game. The moniker “Ras (X)” comes from his middle name Rashid, shortened to just Ras & the (X) is unknown, meaning it could mean anything, such as Ras (X)-Cellent, Ras (X)-Man, Ras (X)-Troadinaire & so on.
Ras (X) loves the process of making music. It can stem from mood, experience, everyday situations or short notice ideas. In other words, it’s very sporadic. Hearing the finished product is what drives Ras (X).
Production Credits: Aye Nyce, BillzZz, Da NaughtY, Jerms Black, D-Will, Larry Bondz, Mic Bookz, Epik, IRA, Joey Jesus, Kapi-Ku, Soe Sykk, Just Biz, Sun Zee & more
To reach Ras (X), email him at:
Check me out on FIYA and be sure download the FIYA app from the store on ur tablet or phone:
(X)-Clusive Interview wit da Ras here:
*4 albums, music videos & beats checkout:
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Share Your World – 2016 Week 47 (Grateful list)


Share Your World – 2016 Week 47 (Grateful list)

Share Your World – 2016 Week 47 (Grateful list)

November 21, 2016


On Thursday it will be Thanksgiving in the USA and I thought we could do a grateful list for this week.  Most of these questions can be answered with just a couple of words, just put down the first thing that comes to mind.  Yes, I know you writers will never use just one or two words to respond to any question.

What are you grateful for in regard to:

Your home life?

I’m Thankful and Grateful that I live in Brooklyn, NY, that I’m across the street from the subway and near several bus lines for ease of transportation plus I’m close to many excellent cultural institutions like the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, BAM and the Barclays Center. Plus I’m just a hop, skip and a jump from my old neighborhood of Jamaica, Queens, New York. All I have to do is catch the J train and in about 25 minutes I’m back in my old stomping grounds.

Your family?

I’m Thankful and Grateful for my brother Stephen who is an Awesome Autism Guy, my Cat Sylvester and my room-mate who has been wonderful to me over the years I’ve lived here.

Your blogging community?

Gosh! So many people that I’m grateful and Thankful to know if only via our blogs. Way too many to name and I would feel bad to leave anyone out. Thanks to blogging I’ve taken trips to Africa, England, France, Switzerland, Indonesia, India, Ireland, etc…  Even if I never get to any of these places in person much appreciation to my entire blogging community for sharing their countries, cultures and customs with me!!

Your city or immediate area in which you live?

What can I say?!  I Love New York!! The Big Apple!! Born in the Bronx, raised in St. Albans & Jamaica, Queens, now living in BadAss Brooklyn!!  The State and City of New York also take care of their citizens. We have a plethora of agencies, organizations, programs and services to help everyone and anyone who may be down on their luck or just need some assistance. New York is Liberal and Progressive with a massive safety which I’ve had to use in the past. Thank God for New York!!


The regional area in which you live?

New York City!! The Big Apple!! City of Dreams!!  New York City is the Greatest City in the World!!  Yes I Live in the ‘Hood’ or the Ghetto but people here work just as hard and have the same dreams, goals and aspirations as folks anywhere else in the USA!! Give me the city over the country or rural areas any day!! I’m a born and bred New York City Woman!!


The country where you live?

I Love America!! Even with all the problems we are currently having, this is my country, my home! I am a proud American and proud U.S. Army Veteran who served her country!!


At the risk of sounding conceited I’m glad I’m me a Loud, Proud, Wild, Wicked, Sexy, No Nonsense, Fun-Loving, Free-Spirited, Dancing, Outspoken African-American Woman!!

From Doo-Wop to Hip-Hop!! All R&B!! All Soul!! All the Time!! I’m Afrolicious Baby!!

Can you deal with it?!!

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 

My transfer to the annex building was approved and I will be starting my new position, well actually I’ll still be working as a security officer but with slightly different duties, at the end of this month. I will be working from 4:30 pm to 12:30 am Midnight. Will receive a pay raise plus more opportunity for overtime and additional security training.

Getting my Grind on!!!

Looking forward to spending Thanksgiving with my fabulous brother Stephen Palmer!!



I Love My Brother Stephen Vincent Palmer