The Glory of God in Brooklyn

Happy Memorial Day to All Americans! We remember those who died in battle defending our country.

Roaming Urban Gypsy

The Glory of God 🙏🙌 in Brooklyn

Happy Memorial Day to All My American Followers and Subscribers

Remembering those who died in battle.

These Pedometers don’t measure as well as My Samsung Fitness App but until I can get a New Charger I must make do.

One says I walked 15,618 and the other one says my number is 14,220. Personally I will take the 15,618 Number of Steps. I have been walking since 6:45am and now it’s nearly 1pm.

Brooklyn is known as The Borough of Churches and there are many Parks in Brooklyn. God manifests in both places.

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Due to issues and problems beyond my control it looks like I will be forced to leave WordPress for a while.

I’m not at Liberty to divulge any of my personal information nor would I given the evils existing in this cruel world.

We don’t always get to follow our goals and dreams.

As the expression goes, man proposes. God disposes.

I will try to keep up my blogs for as long as humanly possible but if blogging and social media doesn’t work out by June, well I’m outta here. WordPress like Facebook has become Unfriendly. Plus I have to take care of other things which may take months to resolve. Not by choice but because of being pushed out.

I’ve also been having problems reading and responding to others blogs and blog posts. So if you don’t hear from me over the next few months that’s why.

I don’t question why stuff happens. You can’t fight city hall so it’s best to go with the flow and Walk away.

I will continue blogging until the end of this month. Then after that it’s up to the Most High if I’m able to continue.

Thanks for the support and encouragement everyone has given me over the years.

Happy Trails to you all!

Shared from Pedometer Step Counter

I’ve achieved 5000 steps this week!

Trying out New Pedometers on my Motorola cellphone.

This is my first time using these Step Counters aka Pedometers. It’s always good to have an alternate means to count Steps.

My Samsung Galaxy 8 Phone has died because something is wrong with the charger. Therefore that phone is out of commission until I can afford a new Samsung charger.

Some Floral Photos

Awaiting Ascension Juxtapositions — An Ode to Eden

Are we living breathing time capsules waiting to be opened by future generations?

Alive. Merely existing.

Unquiet extreme desperation for something more but we don’t know what that more is. Blend in. Blend in. Like a Chameleon. Validation mode on.

Fire Salamanders emerge from still hot ashes and charcoal bits whence Paul dipped his hand yet brought back his hand unscathed by neither flames nor poisons.

Creator demands that we be broken down into our Essential Elements.

Are we really primordial primates amphibian reptiles species awaiting Rebirth into the next level of Evolution?

Sentient beings searching for our next form. Next pattern. Next Dimensions, Galaxies and Multiple Universes.

We 20th Century born sat at the feet of our Elders absorbing our family oral traditions. Treasured Griots sharing knowledge, wisdom and understanding.

But how will our 22nd Century descendants interpret the Throwing of our old bones.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Long abandoned Blogs filled with dusty forgotten posts on desiccated lives. Forever seeking release from a wireless tangled Matrix.

Will we stand the test of time?

Or will Haramattan Sirocco winds blown from Pyramids and Sphinx wipe our Talking Heads from the Akashic Records.

Homage to Eden