Pains’ Release Towards Paradise

Phoenix arising from the Ashes

Exquisite pain to the point of Nirvana.

Ascending the ladder of pain, sorrow and suffering; drawing ever closer to the Ancestral God.

She burnt away all the dross revealing the Phoenix.

Phoenix made her return journey across the trail of tears finally reaching the seas, where she released the Dove who made her voyage back to Africa seeking Noah’s Ark so she could free all other imprisoned souls.

Forgiveness of a Mother’s Love

Mable Elizabeth Palmer
My Mom, Mable Elizabeth Palmer

Forgiveness of a Mother’s Love

A Mother’s Love reaches across hills, valleys, rivers and streams.

Across the eons of time and universe to hear her child’s cry for help.

I knelt at her feet, my head in her lap. The lap containing the womb of the Goddess who gave me life.

Her arms bridge the gap between this life and the next. My face cupped in her hands of redemption seeking salvation.

An outpouring of forgiveness sweeps over me like standing under a waterfall with waves of compassion and love overflowing the empty spaces in my life.

Today’s Forgiving Fridays: A Big Lesson on How to Let Go



A Mother’s Love is all encompassing, all faithful, all trusting. Hope against hope. Faith against faith. Reaching across the void separating us, pulling me close to her breasts, within her very being, enveloping me in undying love.

Dedicated to the memory of my Mom,

Mable Elizabeth Palmer, May 2, 1930 – August 2, 1998

Mable Elizabeth Palmer

Osiris & Isis

Osiris and Isis

Osiris & Isis
Osiris and Isis

Fallen – She is the stranger who walks in darkness beyond the campfire of redemption’s sweet light.

My astral soul travels back to the warrior. My spirit merges with his psyche piercing my body subsuming my mind.

My Beloved was rent in pieces, then scattered across the continents. Diligently I searched, gathering all that was him and laid him upon the altar.

Sweet earth lay under his head. The Book of the Dead on his chest. Anointed with tears of joy and sorrow he arose ever the mighty warrior. I gave succor to his rod of life restoring his spirit. His temple ablaze with anagrams and inscriptions from chest to thighs.

I lay at his feet his body on mine. My fingers explored the forests that grew on his chest and around his pure saber. We wrestled throughout the starry night all the while he gave me a new name as I birthed all the nations of the earth.

King Africa reigns supreme with the joined twin sisters of North and South America.