Vipernian Visitors from the Planet Reptillius

Vipernians vs Felinious Max


Normal pets like cats and dogs are no longer in vogue. At least not this neighborhood! These folks got snakes! And they got the nerve and audacity to take Mr. Boa Constrictor for a walk. Writhing, wriggling Snake jewelry. Snakes in the Hood! Will theses hip-hop snake charmers begin to spit Jabberwocky verses Odes to their Slithery Toves! Wending Awinding across tattooed pierced bodies making their way across Fulton, down Rockaway oblivious towards wide berthed glances clearing pathways via booming beats.  Ghetto Medusa come dance with me. Enchant me further with your convoluted, intertwining, sinuous living locs!

Release your coiled, corkscrewed, spiral looping familiars into Gotham’s subterranean lurching travel chambers where they can make short work of Mutant rodents who run helter skelter along the tracks and in garbage strewn streets. Nay! Never part with Vipernian allies?  Then shall my Feline Avenger wreck havoc upon your Reptilian shores.

Cat People 1942
Cat People 1942

Methinks some of me neighbors be escapees from Slytherin House at Hogwarts! Salazar Slytherin has established the Ghetto Chapter! Whats a poor Muggle like me to do!! I do believe that I may have to activate my Cat Woman Superpowers to Vanquish these scaly forked tongue beings!! Wonder Twin Powers Activate!! Form of Serpentyne quenching fire!! The House of Slytherin sits in ashes upon its funeral pyre.

Salma Hayek be their Goddess ~

“Blessed Are You When…”

A Great answer to Name it and Claim it Christians as well as the Prosperity Gospel.

Stumbling along the sidewalk


I was raised in the church, so I was taught that heaven is a beautiful place we go to when we die, because of the sacrificial death on a cross and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, whom Christians consider to be God’s one and only son. This is what most Christians are taught when they are children by the Christian education program that we in the church call “Sunday School”.

Since then I have struggled with several issues related to this teaching. First of all, if heaven is a place, then where is it? Outer space? Another planet? Another solar system? Another universe? In the book of Matthew, in Chapters 5, 6 and 7, what is often referred to as the “Sermon on the Mount”, Jesus makes some very interesting points about suffering, spirituality, morality, and heaven. I think some conclusions can be drawn about heaven in particular in Matthew…

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