Together ~~ Super Siblings


Had an fabulous fantastic weekend with my brother Stephen. Yesterday we both got hair cuts from Mel the Barber who is not only a great barber but a great guy. Stephen also received a shave from Mel, a small matter as Stephen only has a goatee and mustache.  
My brother Stephen has smooth skin and really does not have much facial hair.
Stephen enjoys sitting in the back yard just relaxing. We got in our exercise walk where I stopped by an excellent store where you can get many items for low prices. Purchased underwear, undershirts, socks and slippers for Stephen.
Prior to his home visit this weekend I had already gotten him a spiffy hat, some Spider-Man socks and a few other items.  I also spent money on Halloween costumes for both Stephen and me. So next month Stephen will either be Spider-Man or a Knight. The only thing I forgot was to buy him a belt but I will do it later on this week.
Today we went to one of our favorite places the Brooklyn Museum where we explored the various exhibits. They were setting up for a Wedding so some exhibits were closed however we still had an enjoyable time together.
Then back onto the subway and off to Franklin Avenue for more shopping. Stephen needed a new backpack and of course Big Sister was there to fulfill his needs. Since today was pretty hot we stopped for ice cream. Then back inside home where Stephen indulged his taste for horror movies!!
Stephen is the reason that I work overtime. My desire is to give him the best Life possible so I will endure the pain of standing for hours on end to ensure his happiness.
You may wonder or be asking yourself doesn’t Stephen get SSI (Social Security) and a clothing allowance?  The answer to your question is Yes Stephen does received Social Security and a clothing allotment allowance.  Why he comes to my house sometimes looking like the Rag Pickers son is beyond me, however I will be having a discussion with both the Director and Manager of his group home.  I do see that they buy him some shirts, pants (that usually don’t fit well) and sneakers but I know that they can do a better job.
Anytime you live in any institutional environment there will be some theft however I am not working hours and hours of pain inducing standing overtime to supply someone else with the clothing, bags and other items I buy for Stephen on a monthly basis.
When Stephen comes over for a home visit I give him my bedroom and I crash on the sofa downstairs.  He will watch movies on my Kindle Fire while I relax or prepare meals downstairs. Stephen always had a habit of looking for me and making sure that I was close by no matter where we were but in the last few years he will done the stairs just to sit by me on the sofa. He likes to be close to me.  The Love is there and it shows. Especially since it is only the two of us. All of our immediate family have died so we both treasure our time with each other.
The Most Important thing in my Life is for us to be Together! Super Siblings Forever!! An Amazing Sibling Team for Eternity!!

Stephen Vincent Palmer ~~ An Amazing Awesome Autism Guy!!


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  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful post, your words clearly show the love between you both, you are a loving and caring sister, and you both deserve much happiness.
    Kind regards and best wishes to you and Stephen.

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