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Satisfaction Guaranteed


Spending time with my brother Stephen!

My Crazy Kooky Cat Sylvester!!  ❤   ❤



Spending time in Nature which includes Gardens and Parks large or small. Any Green Space. It’s all good. Rejuvenating for the soul and spirit.






As the Human Jukebox you know I can find a song to go along with almost any subject or topic!  This is what happens as you get older.  You become a repository for songs, tunes and music going back over 50 years!  LOL!!







Stephen’s Picture/Photo Collage




The Finished Photo Collage. 90% Stephen and 10% Sister DeBorah!! Hooray for Stephen!!

Given the opportunity people with Autism can express their Creativity in unique ways. Some like Stephen’s friends and fellow consumers in the AABR Choir have magnificent voices the bring happiness and joy to those who hear them sing.

Stephen enjoys Art and even though the Art program at AABR has been eliminated due to budget cuts I will continue to bring art into Stephen’s life by taking him to various New York City Museums (Our Favorite is the Brooklyn Museum) and purchasing art supplies for him so we can do our artist thing when Stephen comes to visit me.


Share Your World – August 7, 2017



Share Your World – August 7, 2017

Share Your World – August 7, 2017


Good morning everyone.  I thought I would switch things up a bit on Share Your World.  I will still be asking four questions, but the fourth question will be the same each week.  The last question will be about anything that inspires you.  

What was the last URL that you bookmarked or saved?


An Annual Compendium of Black Photography that Was a Revolutionary Act

In 1973, a small band of black artists published the Black Photographers Annual, Volume I, a book that changed the history of photography in America.


Do you believe in the afterlife?  Reincarnation?

Yes. Whether it is Heaven or Reincarnation I don’t know. As my Aunt Gladys told me once, Nobody has come back from the dead to tell us!  And I mean dead for several days! As a Christian I believe in Heaven. I want to see my family again. I want to be reunited with my Loved Ones who have Gone onto Glory.  I would not want to be reincarnated because who in their right mind wants to return to this horrible world called Earth!

If you were or are a writer do you prefer writing short stories, poems or novels?

Poems. My specialty is Poetry. I have dabbled in short stories but I suck at character development, story lines, etc… It’s best I stick with Poetry.

What inspired you this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination. 

My brother Stephen Palmer. I am on vacation so we spent time together this past weekend. Friday we rocked out to the music of the late great Robert Palmer. He goes back to his Group Home Residence today.  Here is a video of a walk we took through Mt. Prospect Park yesterday Sunday. Stephen was enjoying some chocolate flavored popcorn thus the popcorn lips.



If a movie was made based on your life, what actor/actress would play you?

Jada Pinkett Smith. She is a petite Black Woman like me. Eartha Kitt if she was still living. Love her Cat Vibes.  Also both women are Fierce and Feisty like me.

If you could be famous for one thing, what would it be?

Controversy.  Stirring up mix. Outspoken with No filters. Blunt. Straight. No Chaser. No wait, I’m already famous for that.  Guess I met the requirement.

I am the 21st Century version of the Warrior Goddess Judge DeBorah whose story is in the Bible book of Judges Chapters Four and Five.



Stephen Palmer Rockin’ Out to Robert Palmer


Stephen Palmer Rockin’ Out to Robert Palmer

The Super Sibs are together for the Weekend!

Sorry for the Darkness of the Video. We are inside the house and the sun has gone down.  I apologize for my terrible singing!

Tomorrow we will take some outdoor photos.







When My Queen Left the Earth



May 2, 1930 — August 2, 1998


When My Queen Left the Earth but Never My Heart.

I see you within me.  Our souls are one.


Missing you always.  We Love You Mommy. Looking forward to being reunited with you for that will be a Glorious Day.

Your Loving Children,

DeBorah and Stephen


The number #1 Woman in my Life was and still is my Beloved Mother Mable Elizabeth Palmer. Sunrise: May 2, 1930 ~~ Sunset: August 2, 1998.

Because of You Mommy I am.  You were the Living Biblical example of the Proverbs 31 Virtuous Woman for truly your price is far above rubies. And now you wear your Heavenly Crown.



Why I Call



Yesterday I Spoke with Dixie from OPWDD (Office for People With Developmental Disabilities) in Albany. OPWDD Falls under the domain and jurisdiction of the New York State Governors office. I learned that services and programs for Autism/Developmentally/Intellectually Disabled New York State citizens is funded through the state but they get the bulk of their money from the Federal Govt.
The Federal Govt determines what and how much funding these programs and services receive. So for those of you who don’t believe that decisions the government makes won’t affect you. Well Think again. Today it is my brother Stephen and the people who reside at QCP Bellerose or go to the AABR Day Treatment Center.
Tomorrow even though you might not have a family member with Autism either you or someone you Love may get into an accident, suffer TBI Traumatic Brain Injury or you could have an illness that affects your cognitive and/or physical abilities. Truthfully the aging process will affect you in some way. The Bible says that the Outward man perishes day by day.Being a Christian will not protect you from illness or injury so that’s why you need to participate in the government process so you can get the benefits, services and programs you will need should your health decline. Barring death by injury or accident you will get older and your body will change as will your physical abilities.
November 2008 I had a minor stroke which affected the vision in my left eye. High Blood Pressure. I became a Pre-Existing condition. Fortunately for me I belong to a Union DC 37 and my workplace provides me with health benefits. Even the Health Insurance did not pay for everything but Thank God filing for bankruptcy got me out from under all those debts. Bankruptcy is a Blessing. As are Unemployment, Food Stamps, Soup kitchens and Food pantries. I know because I’ve had to make use of all these government programs. My brother Stephen receives SSI and Medicaid. One day if I live to be 65 I will receive Medicare. Yes we do need all these Blessings & Benefits and Yes it is the job of the United States Government to care for the citizens!  Don’t get it twisted!
So that’s why I call.  Don’t wait until it is too late and suddenly you or your family need the benefits and find they no longer exist.
If the benefits/Government Assistance don’t exist never will you after a while!

New York Renaissance Faire


Next month in August during my vacation I hope to take Stephen to the New York Renaissance Faire. He has been there with his Group Home but because of staff layoffs and cutbacks they might not be able to take him again.  If we can’t go in August hopefully we will make it there during September.   Stephen Loves the entire Renaissance theme and I’d do anything to make him happy.  Please keep us in your prayers that God will supply money so we can get our bus/train tickets and attend.  Stephen’s favorite activities are dress up, costumes, make believe and magic.  My brother Stephen has Autism magic and Autism Super Powers.  Stephen’s Happiness means everything to me. Thank you!




2017 coupon

Adult Single Day Admission:
Any Day in 2017 – $20.99

(Regularly $25.00)

Child Single Day Admission:
Any Day in 2017 – $9.99
(Regularly $12.00)

2 Adult Admission Tickets – $29.99
Offer valid through August 20
(Regularly $50.00) 
The Jamila Lotus Bellydance Carnivale performs fast-paced original choreography, traditional Middle Eastern bellydance, and feats of balance and daring, featuring a dynamic live band!
Arsene Dupin, internationally renowned Artiste of Mime, Magic, Comedy & Juggling,  delights audiences world-wide.  His amazing illusions and ingenious comedy win the hearts and inspire the laughter of the audience within moments!
Costume Contests, Pirates, Time Travelers, a Masquerade Ball and Bonus Tickets from shopping! There’s something for everyone this season!


Overall winner: Gus Apazidis, “In The Distant Past”
See all of our winners on our website!