The last letter from a rape victim

I can relate to this. Physically I’m still alive but mentally and emotionally I have been carrying the pain for 40 years while my rapist has lived a carefree and happy life. Men like that always do. They have no price to pay.

Sliver of Darkness

If reincarnation is true, I would like you to be back as dog, not the type to be kept as a pet but more of a mongrel that corrodes street walls with urine. You lost the privilege of being human the day I realized that my toilet was blocked by a fetus you sired.
Dear Rapist,
If only God listened to my Prayers, I would whisper a prayer that with every passing second, the noose around your neck would tighten just enough to let gasp for breath your entire life. This will teach you that having the strength to breathe is one of the greatest miracles not yet put in books of records. But I guess God listens not to those in most need and that is why he permitted you to trade my breath for momentary pleasure.
When you tore my pants it’s not the only thing I owned…

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