The Struggle is Real…….



There is probably nothing that any of my followers/subscribers can do about this but I just wanted to let you know my struggles with my brother Stephen’s Group Home.

I’m on Working Staycation. Meaning I was off Saturday/Sunday to spend time with Stephen. Today I worked because I need the money. Tomorrow I have a scheduled Doctor’s appointment.  The Stay-cation part means I’m supposed to be resting, relaxing and taking some much need time for myself but as always my stress level and blood pressure shoots up to the stratosphere when I have to deal with dumb-ass Management or rather lack of management at Stephen’s Group Home.

Back in Feb/March I could have received FMLA from my job if the Director had agreed to fill out the papers. I took an extra week of vacation from my job just so I could speed up the process and hand deliver everything. They refused to complete the paperwork with some lame excuse and returned the FMLA forms to me like six weeks later.  No cooperation.

More Fiascoes

This past weekend I purchased numerous clothing items including a brand new backpack for my brother Stephen Palmer who resides at QCP Bellerose. I also took him to the barber for a haircut and shave. I would like to know why his socks, underwear, baseball caps, and T-shirts keep disappearing. Slippers vanish into thin air. Also how can the staff not see or notice his grooming needs or the fact that the other old backpack had holes and shredded. Exactly what are they doing with Stephen’s government clothing allowance. I don’t mind buying for Stephen but he should not be walking around looking like the rag pickers son. There needs to be more accountability with his money.
Today instead of receiving a reply to my concerns all I got was a phone call asking me when I would be home so I could sign some papers.  Called asshole back, asked why they did not give me the papers this past weekend while Stephen was with me. She stumbled and stuttered and then hung up on her fool ass!
Now Stephen had been with me all day Saturday and Sunday! Why didn’t his Residence put the paperwork into his raggedy backpack so I could look it over and then sign it. Apparently the Directors and Managers at QCP Bellerose only think of me as a Walking Pen. None of my concerns are addressed.  Time and time again I’ve made suggestions and recommendations that would improve Stephen’s education, creativity and life in general. Nothing but smarmy smiles.
Also I have a full-time job which usually involves working long hours with lots of overtime. How else would I be able to afford all the grooming and clothing Stephen needs plus the little extras unless I went to work?
I’m frustrated, disgusted and basically at my wits end with these morons, idiots and fools. Last Feb/March vacation I wound up in a extremely heated altercation which resulted in me cursing the House Manager out. And Believe me I can curse worse than any Sailor on earth. Then after that my demands were met. Just shows that you can’t be nice to people. Trying to reason with them does not work. I hate to get Ghetto Bitch Ugly but sometimes you gotta go there.
At this point I’m tired of being ignored.  I have No Resources. No Support System. Everything falls on my shoulders.  All the Time a Warrior!!
So instead of enjoying my vacation once again it’s time for me to put on my armor and get ready for battle!! Ugh!!  FUCK!!!!

Siblings Matter!!

The following song is raunchy but it expresses my true feelings about the Residence Staff!!

DMX – Party Up (Up In Here)

14 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real…….

    1. No. Anyway I could not get the time off my job to undertake such a project. I don’t have the resources, time or money to even begin such a task. At this point I’m at my wits end and my own health is at risk. I can’t do any more than I’m already doing. I’m stuck and trapped.

      1. Thanks. I’m putting everything in God’s hands. Only the Lord can fix this situation. It is beyond me. My own health is now affected and I can do no more than I’m doing now. Maybe a miracle will happen.

  1. I’m so sorry to hear things are so bad for you DeBorah. I can only suggest you write and tell them you’re going to instigate an enquiry into the misuse of Government money unless things look up in there very quickly If you’re at your wits end please make sure you see your doctor for some help with your own health concerns. You can’t help your brother if you’re not well.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

    1. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow but even this is a burden that no doctor can lift. This vacation was supposed to be a time for me, now that’s out the door. I feel as though there is no place for me. Actually there is no me.

  2. Bummer that you have to go through all this, and that Stephen does too. Is there an organisation or Ombudsman you could contact about the services Stephen is (more likely not) receiving?

    1. No. Nothing. Anyway at this point I’m totally and completely burnt out. Since there is nothing that can be done to fix the problem I may as well try to enjoy the rest of my vacation. Nobody listens to what I have to say anyway. I already had one stroke when I was 49. No use in courting another one.

  3. Oh dear! This is just sad to read. I shudder to think of what would happen to Stephen if anything happens to you. There just has to be a way out Deb. The group home people don’t care about their mismanagement because there’s no accountability but I also think that you should expose them for what they are. Write an open letter to a forum that affects their administration and shame them. I am sorry about your struggle.

    1. At this point I will see what my doctor has to say. I’m at the end of my rope. If God sends somebody to help me I will pursue the case further. If not I have to quit. I usually don’t discuss my health on my blog but it’s not good. I really don’t feel well. I’m getting older and more health problems arise every few months. The whole situation is toxic. My body, mind and soul cannot take any more stress. I’m gonna let God handle it. I can do no more.

  4. I’m angered, as well – these homes are supposed to provide a safe, supportive environment; sadly, many are mismanaged by greedy, grasping, incompetent asshats. It wouldn’t surprise me if the staff-members were stealing the things that you have bought for Stephen, and either keeping them for themselves, or giving them away to others. It’s wrong and criminal – and I’ve seen it happen.

    That really sucks. I’m keeping you and Stephen in my thoughts, and sending some proper Aries fire and spirit your way! We warriors sometimes need a bit of strength from others – battling alone is never right.

    1. I spoke with the Director this morning. He is going to email me an inventory of Stephen’s clothes. They might not have been stolen but the workers don’t know how to pack and mix in other residents clothing inside Stephen’s bag.

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