Self Care Birthday Weekend 


This is what 58 looks like!

Digging the Blue mascara and my sculpted Afro!! Plus my Red Kissable Full Lips!! ♡♡ ☆☆

I shall refresh my Red Hair Color later and post more photos.  Also see below for some impromptu polls!

Muah! !


The Eyes have it!! Trying Out Blue Mascara. What do you folks out there think of my experiment?  Yay or Nay?



Throwback Photo from My 1970s Selves

Question for you Dear Readers, Subscribers and Followers. Which Afro do you prefer? My current Afro or the Afro I had in the late 1970s?  Let me know! Please!


Pedicure — Foot Pampering



Kool & The Gang – Celebration




1959 ~~ A Very Good Year


Top Songs of 1959


Best Music of 1959

1959 The Year that Changed Jazz


The year 1959


Wonder where my parents got inspiration for some of the corny outfits I had to wear during the 1960s.  Maybe from the below video? Gotta Love the Gingham dress!! At least it has some Red in it which was and still is one of my favorite colors. LOL!!


Gigi Sets Fashion (1959}


My Dad had a Chevy Impala but it was from the 1960s. However since I am showcasing my Birth Year 1959 let’s see a Vintage car  from that year.

1959 Chevrolet Chevy Impala Convertible in Roman Red & Engine Start My Car Story with Lou Costabile



Review Of The Year 1959 (1959)







Birthday Baby

The Baby in these photos will be 58 years old on Monday, February 27th!!  Happy Birthday to Me!  Pisces Rule!







Vitamin Infusion


Had my first B12 Booster shot Saturday morning. The offices are nice and clean. The gentleman who is a nurse who gave me my shot was professional and polite. He is also very good looking and easy on the eyes!!  LOL!! Yes young folks I still look at men even at my age!  LOL!!

I did feel energized afterwards. Also treated myself to a manicure and a pedicure. The way I figure we are not on this earth just to work and pay bills. I work loads of overtime and I might as well spend some of that money on me. Naturally I always make sure that my rent is paid. One must have a place to live and New York winters are brutal.

I was able to go on an extended Soulful Strut (that’s what I call my photography walks) along 8th Avenue in Manhattan. The pictures will be posted both here and on my photography blog Roaming Urban Gypsy.

Once I pay my landlord, purchased my Metro Card (bus & subway), utility and phone bills I try to buy myself a small treat.  For those of you wondering I pay cash. No credit cards for me. Also Yes I am saving for retirement. That comes out of my paycheck automatically and goes into a Fidelity Savings plan that I cannot touch until I’m 59 or probably 60. As a Union employee I also get a pension. When I turn 62 God Willing I will apply for and collect Social security.

Obviously due to my girlfriends death emotionally I’m still sad, distressed and upset  but her passing has motivated me to take better care of myself physically. There is not much I can do about my feelings. Nobody feels happy or joyful when a close friend dies. However in light of all that has happened my faith and reliance on God deepens.

Of course one can take all the vitamins in the world, eat the right foods, exercise all day long and then get hit by a truck or bus but all things being equal and having no control over accidents I hope to outlive my friend, co-workers, my parents and many of my relatives who have died in their 50s and 60s. Since I turned 50 in 2009 I’ve seen, heard and been to more wakes and funerals than I care to admit. I guess the key is to make it past 65. My goal is to live to be 70 an age that neither one of my parents achieved. At least one can apply for social security at 62 and have a few years to enjoy oneself before traveling to the great beyond.

I never smoked. Rarely drink alcohol. Eat very little red meat and no dairy. I do some moderate exercise usually walking during the week.  I’m open to new health technologies. Reviv | IV Therapy infusion is one that I shall participate in on a regular consistent basis as long as I’m able. Everybody wants to live a long life but living a long life without good health is worthless. Who wants to be a vegetable, in a nursing home or become a burden to one’s family members if you’re fortunate to have living relatives who even desire to care for you.

Since I never married nor had children the onus is on me. Also my brother Stephen is another great inspiration and motivation for me to be my Personal Best. Stephen is the World’s Greatest Autism Guy and in excellent physical condition. Only the two of us now so Stephen relies on me. Once I retire in approximately two years I want Stephen and I to be able to do fun activities and enjoy our Golden Years together.


A few photos from my Soulful Strut. If you cannot view them please click on the below link.



Grover Washington Jr – Soulful Strut

Rosemary, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter


An extremely moving talk about Rosemary Kennedy.  Please see the entire video at the bottom of this post. For whatever we think of the Kennedy’s especially Joe Kennedy I found myself listening to this talk from the perspective of parents with an intellectually/developmentally disabled child. Despite all their resources and riches the techniques, programs, services and medical care that is available today was not there in the 1920s/1930s.

In some parts of the film relate to the mother Rose Kennedy via my mother Mable Palmer. I can clearly imagine the frustration of placing your child in school after school waiting for the miracle result that never manifests even with all your wealth, power and influence.  Like the Kennedy’s our parents always impressed upon me that we must stick together. “Blood is thicker than water.”  As you know from previous posts I am very protective of my brother Stephen.   I also know and remember the stigma, shame and guilt my mother Mable Palmer went through in the 1960s/70s so it must have been even worse in the 1920s/30s.

Initially Stephen screamed. All. The. Time.  I don’t know how my mother managed. Dad went to work every day so he got a break.  After a time Stephen stopped screaming and eventually did speak but to this day he cannot carry on a conversation though he will listen to the other people around him and respond if questioned.

However my parents drew the line at any type of medical experimentation. Plus being working class obviously our parents especially our Mom were much more hands on. Daddy did take us out on the weekends so Mommy could get a break. They refused to institutionalize Stephen.

However having said that I cannot pass judgments on Joe and Rose Kennedy having Rosemary lobotomized. At that time a lobotomy was considered a cure for various types of mental illness.  I would guess they were at their wits end given Rosemary’s behavior. Sadly Rosemary Kennedy came out of the surgery totally disabled. She was the sacrificial lamb. Not a Happy Ending.  At that point in the documentary I wanted to cry.

I’m very glad that my parents did not put Stephen away into an institution. I’m grateful that Stephen and I grew up together. I remember back in 1989 when Stephen was placed into his current Group Home. Even though I was the one who worked to get him placed into a facility because my parents were becoming ill and could no longer care for Stephen, I cried the first night I came home from work and Stephen was not there running down the stairs to greet me.

Thanks to Eunice Kennedy Stephen did participate for many years in the local Special Olympics held at St. John’s University in Queens, New York.

Thank you to all the Kennedys’ who after witnessing this horrible event happen to their beloved sister worked to make things better for intellectually/developmentally disabled people today. No matter what side of the political fence you’re on without the hard work and tenacity of the Kennedy siblings we would still be in the Dark Ages of institutionalized warehousing.

See Willowbrook State School:

Thank you Rosemary Kennedy for being a transformation for good! God Bless you for now you reside in your Heavenly home well, happy, healthy and free!!

Thank you Lord God Jehovah for my brother Stephen Vincent Palmer. For all the progress he made in spite of the negative reports from those doctors back in 1963 when he was two years old.  God knew better because Stephen is one of His special children. Thanks to our parents who believed that Stephen could learn, who treated him just like any other child, gave him chores to do up to and including his abilities and disciplined him teaching him right from wrong so that today Stephen is a contributing member of society.  He is more than my sibling. He is my companion. My friend. My life long partner and I would never trade or ask the Heavens for a so-called “normal” sibling when I have the most perfect brother in the world!!

I Love You Stephen Vincent Palmer!!

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Rosemary, The Hidden Kennedy Daughter

October Fall Foliage Walk in Central Park



Here I am the Black Fran Drescher with my nasally New York voice narrating today’s walk through Central Park.  Did not know I sounded like Fran Drescher because well, how often do we listen to the sound of our own voice?  Anyway as you listen to me narrate the joys of NYC’s Central Park know that I will never be asked to do Voice-Overs unless it’s for some type of cartoon or dorky video game!! LOL!!  🙂   😀



Stylin’ Sibs and Family!!


Stephen and I have been Stylin’ since we were babies.  I grew up as a Girly Girl. A real Clotheshorse especially when I was younger. I had more shoes in my closet than Imelda Marcos and after I moved into my own apartment the clothes bar in my closet broke under the weight of all my outfits!  LOL!! My Dad used to joke that I had to get dressed just to put out the garbage. I think that I took after my Aunt Thelma who had those same attributes and passed them along to me!!  LOL!!

I was never much on make-up (except lip stick otherwise I look like a blank slate), fake eyelashes or fake nails but since my job requires me to be on my feet for long hours bi-monthly pedicures are a must. I do get manicures but neat, short, clean with clear polish because I still must cook, clean the house and do dishes.  Of course hair care is a must!! As you can see from my photos I’ve had every hair style know to Black People from the 60s up to and including the present. Now I color my hair. I loathe gray hair. I do not look good in gray hair and let’s not advance my age more than it is already. Getting older should not include looking like a frump or a bag lady.  Yes, Vanity Thy Name is Woman!! LOL!!

My Mom Mable Elizabeth Palmer who was born in the small town of Davy, WV and raised in Dayton, Ohio also Loved to dress well. Her beauty and style are what captured the heart of my Dad Edward G. Palmer.

My Mom Mable Elizabeth Palmer.

My Paternal Aunts Thelma Palmer Varner and Helen Palmer Garcia.


Stylin’ Sibs plus Dad!!