This point touches my heart and soul. As many of my subscribers know my brother Stephen has Autism and lives in a Group Home Residence. Gradually more and more services/programs for Special Needs people are being taken away due to lack of funding.
Nine years ago I had a stroke but I was fortunate to have health insurance. Still it did not cover everything and last year I filed for and was granted bankruptcy. All it takes is one tragic event for your whole life to be turned upside down. But through miracles and the Grace of God I’m still here. My brother Stephen is still here. I don’t like the direction America is going with it’s lack of compassion and caring for the sick, disabled, Veterans, children or the elderly.

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The question on Quora was “didn’t a majority of Americans have medical coverage before Obamacare”?

I thought about the answer. This is one of those issues in which I had — still have — a gigantic personal stake. I’m one of those people who would never get insurance without laws forcing them to give it to me. Maybe a majority of working adults had medical coverage, but among those who were not — for whatever reason — working, mostly, they had nothing. This includes disabled people, old people, people injured and unable to return to work. And, of course, children.

We were among the group who no longer had medical insurance, although we’d had it before.

I was desperately ill. Massachusetts had not gotten its own medical care system yet and the U.S. had nothing, the situation to which it seems we will shortly return. I could be fixed, but no…

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