Net less in New York 

Greetings Blogging Community!

Once again I’m utilizing the Net access available at the Herkimer Laundromat. 

Still Netless in New York. However with my trusty WordPress app by my side I continue to blog on.

Thanks go out to the Herkimer Street Laundromat and New York City Transit subway stations that have WiFi capabilities. With their assistance I bumble along as a Web less Wonder. 

Strange Surreal Subway Stories 

One of the highlights of working the 4:30 pm – 12:30 am shift or for that matter any work schedule is an advanced course in people watching. I get an A++ in this class. 

While standing waiting for the L train subway about 1:45 am  I observed a guy eating Skippy Peanut butter out of a jar with his bare fingers and between licks drawing strange horned creatures on his sketch pad. I was able to watch while keeping a safe distance. 

Fortunately as NewYork is the City that Never Sleeps the subway trains are full of people at all hours. 

I will continue with more weird and wacky subway tales in future blog posts. 

2 thoughts on “Net less in New York 

    1. The job is going well. Everyone has been helpful and friendly. I believe that I made a good choice in transferring to this building and changing to the night shift.

      Yes I will stay far from Mr. Eats Skippy with fingers. Lol!

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