Daily Press and Little Skips East



Daily Press and Little Skips East


Good News! Submitted some of my photography to The Daily Press. Hopefully the owner will choose one if not all to display on the coffee shops walls. I’m excited!!

Happiness! I’m so glad that I moved to Brooklyn back in November 2012. I did not know but God knew that my photography would develop and begin to take off. I believe that it was God’s Will for The Daily Press to open right across the street from my home. The Owner is so friendly and open to the community. A really nice guy.


Now many of you know I like to do my Soulful Struts on my days off. Provides both exercise and opportunities to take photos. I enjoy walking around my Brooklyn neighborhood. You never know what you will find and who you will meet. From my Advantage point I live in Brownsville and can easily walk to Bed-Stuy or Bushwick within minutes. Yesterday during my Bushwick travels I came upon LIttle Skips East at 1643 Broadway. Purchased a giant chocolate chip cookie, introduced myself and made some small talk with one of the workers. I noticed that their theme is Coffee Art Love. The Key word for me being Art. Hmmm…. Another potential place to showcase my photos. Heck it won’t hurt to ask. You can be sure I will be paying more visits to Little Skips East!





Good News! Hot off the Press! The Daily Press!



Good News! Hot off the Press! The Daily Press!

Hot off the Press!! The Daily Press a Coffee Shop across the street from me has offered to showcase some of my photographs!! Will let you know further developments!! Booyah!

Once my photographs are on their walls I will take pictures and put them on my Photography Blog ~~ Roaming Urban Gypsy  ~~   https://roamingurbangypsy.com/



My brother Stephen enjoying breakfast at The Daily Press March 2017.














Cypress Hills Cemetery



Cypress Hills Cemetery is where my parents, grandparents and other family members are buried.

My sympathies, prayers and heart go out to all Asian-Americans affected by this terrible desecration.


A Great day at Coney Island 



Want to see more? Scroll down to the link to experience my wonderful sunny day at Coney Island!



Then click on this link.


or Check out my Video on YouTube.  Please excuse the shakiness of the video as I’ve yet to master my filming technique. The photographs in the above link at Roaming Urban Gypsy are much better.





Weird Restaurant Device 

This weird and strange machine was on our table. Apparently the device serves no purpose as I paid the bill without using the puzzling dinner companion. 

There was a warning on the back of our electronic dinner guest that the device will not operate outside the restaurant. 

Who would want this thing? I tried picking it up and nearly strained every muscle in my poor arm!


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