His Eye is on the Sparrow



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Jun 1, 2017



Lamentations 3:24

New King James Version (NKJV)

24 “The Lord is my portion,” says my soul,

“Therefore I hope in Him!”

When Jesus is My Portion.  A Constant Friend is He. His Eye is on the Sparrow and I know He Watches Over me.


Mahalia Jackson – His Eye Is On The Sparrow





Black Jesus
African Jesus

My Furry Feline Friend ~~ Sylvester



This Week’s Challenges: June 4 – 10 (OWPC & WW)

A new week means new challenge themes!

One Word Photo Challenge: Friend







This week, share an image of a friend.


My Furry Feline Friend aka Sylvester








Silver Screen: What is that Sir? I can’t Make it out!




Silver Screen

Take a quote from your favorite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!


My Dad’s All Time Favorite movie: Run Silent. Run Deep.

What is that Sir? I can’t Make it out!

Run Silent Run Deep Poster

Run Silent Run Deep (1958)

Unending Grief of the vacant space left by my Dad’s death in May 1995

That’s my heart breaking.

That’s my soul aching.

That’s another soul flitting across the universe awaiting a new storage container for the old one is broken.

A soul crying in the dark for another dying friend and all those who passed before.

A good life wrapped up in beautifully ribbon colored crepe paper.

What is that Sir? I can’t make it out?

One wearing dark glasses obscuring their orbs.   An enigma of its demons. What sins were they running from perhaps we shall never know.

A Wayward Wanderer

The Prodigal Daughter returns.

Why young one, That’s strength, courage, tenacity and the ability to speak Truth to Power.


One Word Photo Challenge: Film

One Word Photo Challenge: Film

owpc logo 2

Part III: People, Places & Things

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

owpc 2017

This week’s word is Film! Don’t forget to check out Color your World as well, posting daily January – April.


Daughters of the Dust Full Movie

Written, Directed and Produced by Julie Dash

At the dawn of the 20th century, a family in the Gullah community of coastal South Carolina — former West African slaves who adopted many of their ancestors’ Yoruba traditions — suffers a generational split. Young Haagar (Kaycee Moore) wants to move to the mainland away from tradition-bound matria… More
Release date: December 27, 1991 (USA)


Sorry for the poor quality for better results either rent or buy the movie from an Online source. Perhaps try Netflix or Hulu. You will probably be able to order the film via Amazon.com.







Sharing wishes with strangers makes a powerful emotional statement.

Shinnyo-en Lantern Floating 2014



You write your wishes/prayers on the Lantern then float it in a body of water. I’ve done various volunteer activities with this Buddhist Temple.  I don’t attend as much as I used to but I still get together with my Japanese friends for Buddhist services, chanting and meditation.



My Greatest Wish is to spend more time with my brother Stephen who is an Awesome Autism Guy! ♡ ♡ ☆ ☆



Birthday Baby



The Baby in these photos will be 58 years old on Monday, February 27th!!  Happy Birthday to Me!  Pisces Rule!







Hideout and the Final Escape





One Word Photo Challenge: Escape

One Word Photo Challenge: Escape

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Part III: People, Places & Things

If you want to share a literal image of the actual word, do that. But if you’d rather play with word association, post something that reminds you of the specific word, or something you use the word for, do so. It only has to make sense to you. Have fun and keep on photographing!

owpc 2017

This week’s word is Escape!


To quote one of my parents favorite sayings, “What is Done in the Dark shall come to the Light.”

Mark 4:22

New King James Version (NKJV)

22 For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.


The Gospel Harmonettes-No Hiding Place Down Here


BeBe & CeCe Winas – No Hiding Place










When I was younger my hair was Lush, Full, Thick and so Dense that if my Mom used a regular comb the teeth in the comb would break. In the 1970s my hair was proudly Afrocentric. Watu Wasuri Use Afro Sheen. Some of you may remember that commercial. Of course like most Black Women I’ve worn my hair in many other styles including straightened using both the straightening comb and chemical process, the 1980s Jheri Curl, Locs, box braids, cornrows, Bantu knots, etc… When I had my Locs they reached all the way down my back to my butt. Loved it but after a while this hairstyle proved to be high maintenance so back I went to the Afro.

However since Menopause I’ve experienced certain unwanted changes in my hair. It is still fairly thick but not as dense and the texture has become more wiry with a change in the curl pattern.  It is also more wild than when I was younger as though the hair had a life of it’s own. Well maybe it does.

The worst hair change was having my hair literary go gray overnight when I was 52. I Don’t Like Gray Hair and I Do NOT want to own it like some white lady visitor to the museum told me I needed to do. I enjoy coloring my hair Vampire Red and I know and believe I look Great with Red Hair. I get lots of compliments on my hair.  This brings me to the below video and yes I’ve had white people both male and female say these things to me at work and attempt to touch my hair.

Let’s get this straight. Never. Ever. Upon the possibility of getting slapped or punched in the face should you touch or attempt to touch a Black person’s Hair. Touching hair is intimate contact which most Black people myself include Do Not Appreciate. STOP!! No Touching! Black People are not petting zoos and I for one HATE to be Touched. If I don’t know you and you don’t know me KEEP Your Distance!! Exclusions are small children, developmentally disabled kids who have come up to me and hugged me. the very elderly and disabled people who need assistance.  These groups are okay. As for the rest of you well I can only conclude that you must but some type of pervert or sex predator.



After you watch the videos I’ve included a Slide Show of my hair over the years.


Things Not To Say To Someone With Afro Hair


13 Crazy Things White People Think About Black Hair


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