When I was a young girl I enjoyed a TV program called On The Road with Charles Kuralt. I’d tune in just to see where his adventures took him. Exciting. I always wanted to be a combination of Charles Kuralt and Zora Neale Hurston the famous African-American writer however as I’m nearly legally blind my driving days are long over. Me driving would be like putting Mr. Magoo behind the wheel! Also I cannot be too far from my brother Stephen who has Autism because his group home needs to stay in contact with me. But it still is a wonderful fantasy!

Nature has been my solace. Parks and Botanic Gardens re-energize, invigorate and provide me with a sense of peace. Within the steel, glass and concrete of New York City one can still find many green spaces. Also New York is more than the Big Apple which is what most people see in the media, TV, magazines and movies. Upstate New York is more rural and if I had the time and money I would spend a summer exploring those cities.

When my Dad was alive we did go to Saratoga, New York one summer for a day or two. Saratoga is famous for horse racing. We did not see the horses run but spent a wonderful time exploring the great outdoors.  Saratoga is also famous for its therapeutic hot springs something I really need since I suffer from chronic back and arthritis pain!

When Stephen and I were kids Daddy would take us every summer on the Circle Line cruises to Bear Mountain. Circle Line also went to West Point and Daddy always gave us a choice between the two and like clockwork every time we chose Bear Mountain. Never saw any bears (Thank Goodness) but again we enjoyed Nature and just being outdoors!  Getting on those hiking trails and seeing the different types of trees, flowers, and other flora! Oh for the good old days!!

In my Nature Get-A-Way Fantasy Stephen and I load up our 21st Century Winnebago, make ourselves comfortable inside our luxury vehicle while our personal driver takes us up and down the East coast of the U.S.A. periodically making stops to take in the Great Outdoors!!  Stephen and I would have our fancy cameras photographing flora, fauna, wildlife & all the wonders of Gaia.  And Yes we would bring kitty cat Sylvester with us! After all cannot leave our Feline Friend behind!!

May all your travel dreams come true!! Wanderlust!!

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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17 thoughts on “Wanderlust!!

  1. spokenblackgirl

    Love the botanical gardens! And upstate New York is such a nice summer trip, it’s really gorgeous up there. Thanks for sharing these precious memories 🙂

    1. I have some vacation coming up in September and am trying to figure out how to get to those Saratoga Springs mineral waters. Obviously I’ll have to do some serious overtime but I’m sure the sacrifice will be worth it.

    1. Let’s hope some extra money will be calling me soon because right now I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention!! LOL!! In New York City once you pay your rent you’re broke until the next payday!!

  2. Lovely photos. I remember that show with Charles Kuralt. It was great! He always found neat places to visit! I dream of traveling but with all our animals it’s just not possible. Maybe we can before we’re too old! Ha! Happy 4th of July! 🙂

    1. Thanks! That was a great TV program! Charles Kuralt had my full attention even though I was a child. He really inspired me with his travels. Since I only have one cat Sylvester and in my dream fantasy Wanderlust vacation we’d have a Luxury Winnebago our talented Tuxedo would have lots of room! LOL!! Happy July 4th!!

    1. Thanks! No plans for today. Will just stay inside and rest since my lower back is acting up again as usual. I may take a walk outside eventually. Being One with Nature is Wonderful.

      1. Bagus Mutendi

        Oops!!! So sorry to hear that! Stay safe while taking that walk though. Lot of fireworks to go with the day

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