Barbarians Real and Imagined

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A guide to debunking ‘black-on-black crime’ and all of its rhetorical cousins

My mood is still somber. Even with the joy of seeing my brother Stephen on Friday to attend his progress meeting in the back of my mind Stephen even though he has Autism would just be a target to a white cop. A reality that was always there but now has smacked me dead in the face has set into my soul.

For the majority of white America seeing Black Men shot dead in front of their wives and children or watching those children sobbing with grief is just entertainment. They have the option of turning the channel and going on with their lives.

For me it’s personal. It could be my brother. My cousins. My friends. My co-workers. Or it could be me. Remember Sandra Bland.

There is nothing United about these states. No unity whatsoever. Yes we did have that very brief time of unity during 9/11 but as quickly as it came it just as quickly faded away with Black Americans once again being under attack.  For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be an American. Shame and regret that I served in the military for what I thought was my country. Harsh realization that my military service in the U.S. Army from 1977-1981, my Dad’s Air-force service during the Korean war and my Great, Great Grandfathers service during the Civil War was in vain and meant nothing. They were not seen as valid Americans nor am I and especially any of the men in my family.  America reneged on it’s promise.  I actually considered getting my old Army uniform out of storage so I could either burn it or shred it.

I dare say basically to the rest of the world Africa, South America and Europe even with all their problems, America conducts itself as a nation of Barbarians. America. The Shining Example of Democracy?!!

White Americans before you say that All Lives Matter and we are all God’s Children where is the hue cry from white people against innocent Blacks being gunned down or choked by sadistic white cops!! Why aren’t you storming your local police stations and demanding equal treatment for Black people? I see none!! Is that because much of white America sanctions this type of violence?! Or is it the attitude as long as it does not come to my house I’m okay.

Friday attempted dialogue on Facebook with a white female blogger who is a photographer in California. I explained to her that there are no instances that I recall of Black Policemen gunning down innocent white American citizens. Whites have no Murder Roll Call as you see below. Since I had to attend my brother Stephen’s meeting I left the house not knowing what she was putting on my Facebook page. When I returned she had left a litany or ignorant, racist, bigoted, biased comments however one of my Chinese co-workers lowered the boom on her and gave her a verbal tongue lashing and body slam. Not with cursing or foul language but with knowledge, education, and understanding of Black history that was remarkable in one so young! This young Chinese woman was Dropping Jewels on her left and right. Well this white woman never thought she would be challenged especially not by a Chinese woman and she immediately Unfriended me for which I was grateful. I also made sure I Unsubsribed to her blog. Believe me when I see my Chinese co-worker in the locker room on Tuesday I will give her a big hug. She is my Shero!!


In the last ten years think back on all the mass murders committed in the United States. The vast majority committed by crazy angry white men. Now for the most part excluding the ones who killed themselves these madmen were peacefully taken into custody despite that fact that they had just murdered dozens of people. Including the nut who murdered nine Black parishioners in a church!! Not even safe in the House of God!  But again this psycho was arrested so he could be held for trial.

What appalls me is that my generation the Baby Boomers were once on the Vanguard of change, equality, equal rights, & civil rights but some of us have sank back into centuries old paradigms and thinking that race equals value. Meaning one of the white race has more value and rights that one who is Black. This saddens me greatly. On the other hand the Millennials ~~ white, Asian, Hispanic for the most part Get it! They will far surpass the Baby Boomers! The Millennials by working collectively with Black Lives Matter and other civil rights organizations are sounding the Clarion call for Justice.


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White America should Donald Trump become president in November and fulfill his promise to Make America White Again. Should he enacted policies to expel or exterminate all Blacks, Browns, non-Christian and/or non-white Immigrants from our shores…..Tell me. Where will you be?