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Doll Moccasins


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DeBorah and Little Lamb June 1959
DeBorah had a Little Lamb

12 thoughts on “Miniature | The Daily Post ~Small Wonders

  1. Too cute – hey, you have my dress and ankle-socks on!
    I have a picture of myself, dressed in almost exactly the same way…I’m going to look for it, now…you gave me some ideas for a great post!

    1. Please do share. I want to see my twin!! LOL!! I was cute back then but to this day I can’t stand saddle shoes. I remember when I was a bit older let’s say 8 or 9 my Dad purchased saddle shoes for me. Hated those shoes so much that when I got off the school bus I kicked one into the gutter and came home with one shoe! Don’t recall the excuse I gave my parents for my one shoe story but Daddy took me back to Buster Brown when I got new shoe perhaps penny loafers. Much more cool than saddle shoes! 🙂

  2. Adorable photos of you as young! 😀 I wonder how long the dress stayed white…my mother despaired of me when dressed for special occasions as I was such a tomboy!

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