Rapid Cool Running of Perpetual Motion








Photograph of one of my favorite sculptures, “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space by Umberto Boccioni. Personally I called this guy, “Running Man.” No matter from what angle you capture him he always appears to be in perpetual motion. Even my blurry shots serve to promote his Mad Dash to who knows where?!! Also makes me think of the dance called the Running Man popular several years ago.




Into The Mystical Spring and Summer



Into The Mystical Spring and Summer


Into the Mystical Wisdom of Song and Dance


Eight Thousand Tongues giving praise in Bohemia by the Sea

A Landlocked nation filled with rivers, streams, lakes and ponds


Spring and Summer remain Captivating Muses awash in Wisdom, Knowledge and Creativity


Turn over this Tunic.  This Fabric of Life.  This Tapestry so Flora and Fauna may gaze upon it’s perfection of golden threads intertwined with the viewers Inward Light.


A Froth of Ocean sprang from Volcano Lava and ashes


We held out our Vessels to collect the Awakening Juices of Earth and Sky


Restart and Renew with Favor from Above


Daily the Seasons winter and Spring Churned in Battle each seeking to gain Victory over the Land


Transition from Frigid freezing cold cruel winter into Warmth of Spring


Young Fruitful Luminescent Spring Goddess emerged Victorious and once again the Land, field and earth burst into Green Goddess Colorful song with Trees and Flowers bringing forth fruit and flowers for the enjoyment of all.

Once again Life and Light have Thwarted death and darkness.


For I am the Joyful, Happy Cheerful  Radiant  Flâneuse who has set aside the bus and train to Meander   through Meadows, walk across gardens of grace, fecund fields parks of plenty where green spaces abound.  Sandy seashores with Sunny Skies!  Gratefully Contemplating the Wonders  of Spring and Summer!

Arise!  Arise!  Arise!




Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. Isaiah 60:1

























Provoke | The Daily Post




I’m not as easily provoked now as when I was younger however I do have a bad temper. I warn people to leave me alone and keep their distance but some people are hardheaded or just plain stupid.

We used to have a saying in the Army, Don’t let your mouth write checks that your ass can’t cash. Therefore learn to mind your own business. Nobody asked for your opinion or advice.  When you start paying my bills maybe then I will listen to you.

Keep your fucking hands to yourself.  No Hugs!

Several years ago a snot nosed asshole female coworker made the mistake of calling me out on a Sunday morning in the Staff Cafeteria. I excused myself from my phone call went over to where she was sitting and told her that if she continued with trying to tell me what to do I would meet her outside and break both her arms and legs. She left me alone.  Another time one male co-worker had me pinned up against the wall in the galleries.  I got him off me with no help from my other co-workers who stood there watching.

Last year a crazy woman on the subway actually chased four tourists off the train. Then she came at me. Big mistake! I got up ready to beat her dumb ass. I get that insane look on my face. When she saw I was crazy also she backed up and I made it to work that day.

Anger can be a good thing. The key to survival in a violent world.

I’ve learned not to trust anyone. Yes I’m cynical and jaded. Totally skeptical.

Abuse, Abandonment and betrayal will change your entire lifestyle plus your outlook on life.  Only you have your best interests at heart.  Can’t rely on or depend on anyone in your time of need. I learned to take care of myself because me is all I have.


I’ve had to be tough especially in the type of work I do for a living. Being threatened by both men and women is normal. You either fight back or get your ass kicked. I grew up the hard way and I spent four years in the Army so I’m ready to defend myself at all times. People think that because I’m short and petite that I will let them use and abuse me. Well as a child that was true. I wanted to be liked but not anymore. You don’t have to love me but you had better respect me.

As for therapy, well back in 2015 I was asked to leave the office.  You can imagine why.  Nearly had a fight with the doctors and the stupid ass therapist.  Told both of the condescending quacks exactly what I thought of them.

Keep your bullshit affirmations, platitudes, pity and sympathy.  I reject it all.

No Hugs either because I hate being touched so if you try to hug me my instincts are to slap the shit out of you.


No regrets. No shame. No guilt.

I’m here. You’re there. Let’s keep it that way.

Courage and Bravery in the Kingdom of Wakanda








Today Stephen and I are off to see The Black Panther movie at BAM.

Here you see us having our own Black Comic-Con and Cosplay.

Stephen’s Autism gives him the Superpower of Mental Telepathy.

Crucial to the vital functioning of the Kingdom of Wakanda.

We sit on the Council of Elders providing Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Encouragement to all citizens of Wakanda.

As Sibling Superheros We stand Ready to Defend and Protect the Motherland!  Africa!  Birthplace of Our Ancestors!  Stephen Leads the Way!


The Black Panther Lives!!



Destiny Inhabits the Soul









Let me take you on a Phonetic Poetic Photo journey via pictures and Verse.

Black is not something I do. It is who I am.

It is the place I inhabit and that which inhabits me.

Black is the space where ancestral spirits find place within my soul. It’s music inhabits my every thought and deed. From Be-Bop to Hip-Hop it’s all there never to be displaced no matter my current accommodations.

Calling me Journey. Sojourning for Truth.  Ain’t I a Woman strong and fierce.

Calling me Traveler for I have inhabited many shores. I strode forth without ever leaving my home.

Home is the place that inhabits me. Every cut corner ragged edge begs to be filled. Silence inhabits uncharted symphonies of mindless cacophonies. Symphonic Blasts inhabit the Universe.

Museum paintings and sculptures inhabit three planes: Past, Present and Future. Transformation begins via viewers lending voices to long forgotten pasts. Silent Interiors speak Volumes but only the selected of the masses can hear its voice.

The butterfly leaps from Chrysalis thrust into Arboreal fields. In tune with Eternal Firefly beings.

Street Urban Art Inhabits dreary dry brutalist streetscapes revamping the atmosphere paying Silent Verbal Homage to fallen heroes kept from whited sepulchral one-sided gallery spaces.

The past inhabits the future while dullards look askance on those not like them. The past inhabits the present whilst clinging to a more hopeful future.

Past and current inhabitants on a collision course with destiny. Destiny inhabits the storm.

The Great Soul inhabits All Souls at birth yet flees from the wicked. Let Grace Abound.

Yes We Inhabit a strange land mystically inhabiting three spheres. Counterclockwise orbits inhabiting galaxies.




A Love Supreme in Search of Me.




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