“There is nothing wrong in that.”

I work as a museum security guard and along with my co-workers most of us are musicians, artists, painters, and photographers. All very gifted and talented people but as you said there must be a market for your calling, passion and genre of artworks. To survive in this country you need a regular steady paycheck plus health and dental benefits, especially if you have children to support. Very few people are “discovered” or make it to the big time. As for me I’m happy just being able to showcase my photography on my separate Photography blog. I can truly say I take photos that catch my eye and speak to me. Now it would be nice if I could get paid for my photos but I must be realistic as rent and bills must be paid. Until a rich patron comes along I’ll be doing my night shift at the museum.

For Earth Below


The Tenderloin

There was a fellow photographer whose work I discovered on Flickr and really liked. I gave a few comments on his work and he responded back favorably. He asked me for some advice, as he was going through a tough period finding the time to shoot, and working through issues both personally and photographically. I responded with some advice, and with some of my story, as someone “older” and “experienced” could. He wrote back thanking me, but was surprised to hear that I had a job. I asked him what he meant? He said, “I thought you were a pro, just shooting all the time.”. I posed a question to him, “Do you think one can make a living shooting the way we shoot? What kind of market is out there that can supply us with a steady income to support one’s habit, food, shelter, medicine, and family?…

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