Throwback Thursday ~~ Vintage Family Photos

Traces of the Past


Throwback Thursday ~~ Vintage Family Photos

A Pictorial Ode to Happier Times

Once Upon a Time When Innocence and Joy Reigned in Our Lives



Dads 1st car
Dad’s 1st car early 1950s. DeBorah Ann Palmer


Those I hope to see again in Heaven


Happier Times of Long Ago when Life was simpler and filled with Joy

Childhood when I was Happy, Healthy and the World was my Oyster






17 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~~ Vintage Family Photos

    1. Thanks. Back when I had a Desktop computer and a printer/scanner I scanned as many family photos as I could and saved them online or flash drives. I’m now in a much smaller space with less room with much of my things in storage. Glad I scanned the older pictures when I had the opportunity.

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