Female Flapper Flaneur of the Harlem Renaissance



In my dreams I am a Lady Flâneur with camera.  My name Sophronia The Famous Female Flapper Flâneur of the Harlem Renaissance. Little known lost Twin Flame and alter ego of my Grandmother  EVA SOPHRONIA GORDON PALMER.


Take my picture in Flapper Finery and transport me back to the Roaring Twenties.

I would be in the Salon of the day hobnobbing with Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Jacob Lawrence, Romare Bearden, Augusta Savage, Elizabeth Catlett, and Dorothy West. My photograph would be taken by the famous Black photographer James Van Der Zee. 

Every week would be infamously dyed a different shade of Red. Cherry Crush, Vampire Red, Rose Red, Flaming Electric Lava Red, Passion Red all to match my Fiery personality.  A Great Beauty like my Aunt Thelma Palmer Varner.

Aunt Thelma circa 1940s or 50s
Thelma Rosalie Palmer Varner


I’d Charleston and Lindy Hop across 125th Street. Why Yes I’d be a Name. I’d be a Personality.  Pizzazz in a Petite Package.  Bohemian. Footloose and Fancy Free. Carefree with no worries.  



I’d be a Jazz Baby with the likes of Duke Ellington. Singers such as Bessie Smith and Billie Holiday,  Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong.

Holding court in Mt. Morris Park armed with my Eastman Kodak Brownie there to see and be seen capturing every day Harlemites and Glorious Black Culture.  Moving easily and seamless between the 20th and 21st Centuries as the First Time Traveling Female Flâneur.  Racing forward in time for a day at Rockaway Playland with a same day trip to Coney Island. No boundaries. Nothing to hold me back. I’d Fly Free as as a Winged Spirit beyond dimensions laughing through eternity.  A wiggle of the nose. A tug on the ear. Three 3 clicks of my red patent leather shoes and in milliseconds there I’d be on yet another Fabulous Adventure!!  ❤   ❤

Imagination and Day Dreams can take you places where reality does not permit you to go. Fantasy…………..Happiness…………..






Soon a Return to Caturday!







A Great Book. Definitely a Five 5 Star Read.



Penguin Books

June 1, 2001

336 pages

Drawing together many histories-of anatomical evolution and city design, of treadmills and labyrinths, of walking clubs and sexual mores-Rebecca Solnit creates a fascinating portrait of the range of possibilities presented by walking.

Arguing that the history of walking includes walking for pleasure as well as for political, aesthetic, and social meaning, Solnit focuses on the walkers whose everyday and extreme acts have shaped our culture, from philosophers to poets to mountaineers.

She profiles some of the most significant walkers in history and fiction-from Wordsworth to Gary Snyder, from Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennet to Andre Breton’s Nadja-finding a profound relationship between walking and thinking and walking and culture. Solnit argues for the necessity of preserving the time and space in which to walk in our ever more car-dependent and accelerated world.







Meeting Notes



Well the Meeting went better than expected. Meaning I kept my feelings and emotions to myself and a civil tongue in my head.  Being quiet and only asking a minimum of questions I found out the reason why programs and services for developmentally disabled adults are going under in New York. The State meaning Gov. Andrew Cuomo has cut the budget for these services therefore there is less staff to take care of the residents/clients.  Staff are also being laid off and what few are left well you know they don’t make that much money.  As you can also expect there is a high turnover because one cannot make a living wage and it is very expensive to live in New York. Rent for a one bedroom apartment in a decent neighborhood is well over $1K ($1,000) per month and that’s not counting utilities.

For example the Arts program has been cut because there are no staff to assist the clients. Stephen likes art but when governments cut back the most vulnerable populations suffer first. With #45 Agent Orange in the White House many are thinking that we are returning to the days of warehousing developmentally disabled people like what happened in the 1960s/70s.

Think Willowbrook. Those of you who are over 50 and grew up in this country know what I’m talking about.  For the rest Google it and see how America used to treat people with Special Needs/Developmentally Disabled. Obviously the sociopath currently occupying the Oval Office is going to continue to cut funding for all disabled people. Soon only the rich and wealthy will be able to get proper care for their disabled family members. The rest of us will be out in the cold.

Before I continue with the bad news I will say that Stephen is doing well and has taken interest in a Lady from a different house so the staff arrange dates for them. Stephen has a better social life than me because nobody is interesting in dating me!  Wish I had his charisma.

Raining today in New York which means my arthritis and joint pain is off the roof. Just climbing up the subway steps wore me out.  I always have to stop or go really slow. My body feels like I’m 98 instead of 58. And I’m always tired. In fact exhausted. Also I’m starting to get more headaches.

I’m debating whether or not to go for a Vitamin treatment tomorrow. That usually helps. I guess I’d better go before the I.R.S. takes the rest of my payment by the middle of this week. I owe them money. And you know how the I.R.S. operates.

My other accomplishment for today was that I’m getting my eyeglasses put into new frames. That will set me back $150 for the cheapest frames. I will pick them up tomorrow.

In the meantime even though it is 3 in the afternoon I took some Advil PMs. Maybe then I can get some sleep. I think much of my problems come from a lack of sleep. Having insomnia means I’m always cranky, moody and upset.  Add onto that having to pull double shifts, physical problems, chronic insomnia and chronic pain, trying to be a good sister to Stephen I’m being pulled in too many different directions and my body is ready to give out.

 All I do is run around putting out fires.




Foray into Forgiveness


For the last couple of Fridays I’ve explored the topic of Forgiveness. I did enjoy Forgiving Fridays and sharing regarding this subject. However as I run the risk of being a hypocrite I cannot continue to post about Forgiveness when I cannot Forgive.

Today at 11:00 am I have a meeting at my brother Stephen’s Day Treatment Center. The managers and directors at AABR are wonderful. See last Friday’s post. The staff at AABR has been consistent and professional for the last 30 odd years. I think they do an outstanding job in training and developing the skill set of developmentally disabled adults.  They are Wonderful!!

The problem lies with Stephen’s Group Home. Stephen has lived there since 1989 and things were going well until the last two years. Since the managers are incompetent and unprofessional. This has resulted in arguments, screaming and shouting matches between myself and those in charge.  The current Residence Managers deliberately say and do things just to annoy me.

I’ve reported their behavior to the Director and Executive Director without satisfaction. Unfortunately I still must deal with these idiot managers and I can truly say I despise and loathe them. They irritate me and don’t seem to understand the concept that I have a full-time job that requires me to work long extended hours of overtime. They call me for ridiculously stupid reasons.  And don’t call me for more serious ones.

Last year they persisted in giving Stephen worn, torn clothing some of which was not his despite the fact that for each home visit Stephen has with me I buy him brand new clothes. Finally in January of this year I had a face to face meeting with the Director of his Group Home and had the opportunity to look inside Stephen’s dresser and armorie which were full of brand new clothes. Why they send him to me with ripped and torn clothing well I don’t know.

For those of you who have been following me for the last several years you already know that due to a stroke I no longer drive due to vision problems which I won’t rehash. That’s why I cannot get to Stephen’s Group Home and there are no buses or subways that run out there so I’m effectively shut out. You also are familiar with the trials and tribulations that I go through doing my best to care for my brother even to the point of neglecting my own health and welfare.

I have tried to forgive them but then they do something else to annoy me. You’d think that people supposedly trained in the care and treatment of adults with Autism would do better but that is not so. I’ve had to report them several times and have filed numerous complaints. If my own health was not so precarious and I had access/money for lawyers I’d transfer Stephen but I don’t have those options.

I’m looking forward to seeing Stephen but not to seeing or speaking with his Group Home Managers.  I get No cooperation or understanding from them. They disgust me.

No these morons will never hear or see my forgiveness in this lifetime or the next.

I’m not going to entertainment comments as this is an upsetting and emotional issue for me and they already upset me yesterday calling me for a dumb reason asking me questions to which they already knew the answer.  I was abrupt and hung up on her.

I know some people will try to engage me on this issue in future posts but trust me when I say I’ve already exercised all my options even to the point of contacting the Congressman for Stephen’s district.  Therefore I’m not taking suggestions or advice. Usually once I make up my mind and make a decision I stick with it.

However next year when I retire All Hell is gonna break loose for them. They just don’t have any idea of the upcoming storm.

Now off to battle.  So much for my relaxing weekend.