The Chatty Grim Reaper: Boneyard Blessings



The Chatty Grim Reaper: Boneyard Blessings











Theater in Odd Places Consisting of Ossified Cryto Currencies.

We are nothing but Dinosaur Dust hurtling through space with Vulgarisms protruding through our flesh. When we kissed I bit your upper lip causing noxious steamy yellow fluid to vomit through the pierced flesh.  Running my hands over your gossamer cadaver skin your bones like speed bumps rising up from frail crepe paper skin.

Frothing and foaming wounds litter the barren wasteland of your corporeal form. Akin to tiny screaming faces each with multiple eyes are trying yet failing to focus.

Small mutants have big effects.  There is a gentle rustling of leaves in your dry straw snap crackling spiked hairdo.  What beautiful environs once dwelt there!  Many deviant burials await ghostly futures.

Caverns echo distinct indecisive bleats converging remnants.  Trees glistened with slow leaking spicy sweet sap. Then I espied a room. A hidden room within a room. Behind dusty drapes, rickety table, equally dust covered furniture and moldering books. Every so often some turgid eruptions of heat issued forth from age old radiators threatening to baptize the yellowing linoleum floor.

Lithesome yet loathsome creatures sporting bulbous backsides and Smothering massive mammeries recently escaped from local slaughterhouses. Tapestry’s warmth yielded a hothouse pouring sweat glands raining down salty perspiration betwixt those pendulous udders.

Come Now Angel of Death! I’m Ready for My Selfie!!










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