Sylvester’s Palm Sunday April 9th~2017


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 9, 2017

Sylvester’s Palm Sunday April 9th~2017

I don’t think this is what Jesus or Wayside Baptist Church had in mind for the Palms but Sylvester had a ball playing with them!!  I do believe that God has a sense of humor otherwise he would not have created cats or humans!! LOL!!  ❤  🙂   😀


Sorry for the quality of the video. Some parts of the house are dark but you can hear Sylvester’s Meow’s of Joy as we play Chase the Palms!!





20 thoughts on “Sylvester’s Palm Sunday April 9th~2017

  1. Happy Palm Sunday to you both. Sylvester reminds me so much of our Dutch whom we lost a few years ago. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Yes I understand. Years ago when I was a child my beagle Dolly had to be put down. I was very upset. That dog meant the world to me. At least now I know that Dolly along with all my other pets are in Heaven. I believe Jesus Loves pets and all animals. I will see my furry friends again one day.

      2. Oh, so sorry to hear that. Don’t know if I could EVER deal with having a pet put down. That must have been a God awful experience even if you know they’re in a better place. Now having some humans put down, that I can handle 😉

      3. Yes most pets are better behaved than humans!! LOL!! There is a guy I work with and virtually all the other staff on the shift wish that the earth would open up and swallow him because he is an obnoxious bully! On the hand Mother Earth Gaia would probably vomit him back up since he is so revolting!! 😀

      4. LOL!! Ha! Ha! Both the staff in his dept and mine can’t wait until he retires. We plan to have a party the day he leaves!! 🙂 😀 Then there will be Peace in the Valley!! ;D

      1. I think I’m gonna buy him a catnip toy so that he could really go crazy!! LOL!! Not sure what he did with his purple mouse. Sylvester has a habit of flinging his toys in the air or batting them around the room then the toys land behind furniture that he cannot get under. Bet I’ll find Mr. Purple Mouse during my Spring Cleaning. 🙂 😀

  2. I had a palm a few years back. One cat, Bluejohn, played with it so much all year that it got shorter and shorter till it was about 6inches long. Bluejohn and Misty say Hi to Sylvester. 😊

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