Judah’s Birth

This poem resonated with me as my mother Mable Palmer was blamed and shamed for my brother Stephen’s Autism. My Mom suffered much and that probably contributed to her early death. However God proved the doctors wrong and Stephen has grown into a working contributing member of society whereas those relatives did not. So God had the last word.

A Poet's Vision

Judah’s Birth

Men say, giving birth is a beautiful thing.

I agreed silently, until my turn came.

Laying flat on a table exposed, vulnerable,

anticipating the cry of a newborn.

The night fall of raining, pouring, down on the windows.

my body traveling through multiple changes

10 centimeters deep Dilating….

Sounds of medical staff in the distance .

I could hear doctors say get her prep right away…

What was wrong? Having my baby too soon ;

Underdeveloped lungs ,bad prenatal care, transfered from here to there.

Throwing up my bowels is what I remember ,eight months three weeks

.Bleeding internally.

“Count to ten”, said he the doctor,

placing the oxygen mask over my face .

It was dark all day…. Reflecting,

making peace with the soul maker.

I thought I was eating right;working so hard to keep my status of medical care and salary .

Going to school did…

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5 thoughts on “Judah’s Birth

    1. My Pleasure and Blessings to your daughter. Amen to the Lord God Jehovah!! Even though my brother Stephen has Autism and yes he does have some limitations overall he has surpassed the expectations of the doctors. He was born in 1961 and my parents noticed he was not talking at age 2 in 1963. Basically the doctors gave up on Stephen and told my parents to put him in an institution (There were No Autism services or programs in the 1960s) Mom and Dad refused, kept Stephen home, taught him as much as they could as well as searching for a school that he could attend. My parents believed that Stephen could learn and he can. No he can’t read or write (well he writes a little) but he does custodial and janitor work and his very proud of being a working man. Also his Day Treatment center has taught him to use the computer so every so often I get emails that say, I Love You Sister. I Love Stephen very much!! ❤

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