Where Happiness Lies

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. —Mike Tyson


Where Happiness Lies. And it Lies All. The. Time.

She is not brave. She does not have courage. She is not resilient. No accomplishments. Nothing to be admired. She is not strong. The Strong Woman in the Circus Sideshow died a long time ago.

Yes she is Unique but not in a way pleasing to others.

He had an audience all to himself. He did not have to push his way through the crowds. They gave way as to a Biblical Leper. His cries heard yet unheard. For the darkness of life had swallowed him whole. Perhaps in the life that is to come he will receive shining robes. A Crown for his head. Soft slippers for his feet. His legs will be even one to another. His speech will be unmangled and unfurled. His tongue dancing eloquently over well favored speech.

For him D-Day does not signal doom or defeat.

For Life is a Cruel Struggle for which there is no reward……………

She is a Cosmic joke waiting for the punchline…………..

Reincarnation. Next Phase.

In the Midst of hopes, dreams, plans and goals I got lost. Now I need to step away and find myself once again.











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