Fashion Institute of Technology aka F.I.T. Celebrates Chelsea

This is the third version of the Fashion Institute of Technology Mural post as I wound up having to upgrade my WP account. However it was worth it. Please enjoy my Chelsea afternoon!! Also take a look at my previous two attempts if only to hear Joni Mitchell sing her famous Chelsea Morning song!!

Roaming Urban Gypsy

Adventures in WordPress Land!!

Just an aside but I finally figured out why I could not upload my FIT photos. I had used up all my space so I was forced to upgrade to a Pay Plan. Not wanted to be thwarted in ability to add photos to what is a Photography Blog I paid the Piper. Now I can continue to Dance to the Music!! LOL!!  After I paid here is something funny WordPress sent me.

Now if only these WordPress Happiness Engineers could help me with the rest of my life!! LOL!!

Enjoy priority support from our Happiness Engineers

Need help? A Happiness Engineer can answer questions about your site, your account or how to do just about anything.

One Mo’ Time!!

I did get more pictures inside this F.I.T. post than the previous two but I suppose these blog posts can only hold a certain amount of…

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Messing with Make-up on a Saturday Afternoon



Messing with Make-up on a Saturday Afternoon

Manic Panic Plum Passion Lipstick for my full Lips and this time I combined my Blue Mascara with some Purple Mascara. Too much Vitamin E Oil on my chin. Oh well it lends to the craziness of the photos! LOL!!  Please let me know your thoughts.




Caturday, April 15th ~~ 2017

Caturday, April 15th ~~ 2017




The Below video illustrates what happens when trying to exercise with cats around your house. In one scene you see the guy Planking and the cat decides to get involved. The same thing happened to me with my late great kitty cat Weezer (he crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 2015) who decided that he would just go under me and stay there while I was doing my plank. Lucky for us both I did not fall or keel over!!

Sylvester & Weezer
Sylvester & Weezer Watching over their Kingdom. Weezer passed away Dec. 2015.



Sylvester playing who let the Cat in the Bag!!