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Mar 31, 2017


This is a photo of my lonely expired Passport. I have not gone out of the United States since 2004 when I went on a Carnival cruise with friends to Nassau, Bahamas. That was before the Carnival cruise line started having all the problems they are currently experiencing with their ships. Yes. I would go on another cruise if I could afford it but not Carnival. I’d choose another line.

If I had the money and the time there are many places I would like to visit. Top most on my list is Africa, the Motherland, my ancestral home. That for me would be a pilgrimage a Holy Quest for a part of me that was taken away when my ancestors were kidnapped and forced to this foreign place called America.


These are some photos from Captain’s Night when you are supposed to dress up. What you see behind me is the backdrop they use to make you look better. At that time I was wearing my hair in locs and it had gotten pretty long, nearly all the way down my back. Oh yes there is No liquid or drink in those Champagne glasses. They are fake just like the rose.

As you can see from the pictures I was overweight at that time. I must have weighed a good 140/145 lbs which is not meant to be on a 5’1′ frame. Most of that weight came from taking anti-depressants which by the way don’t work. I was more depressed on the medications than when I stopped taking those stupid pills.  Now I weigh 135 lbs and my body though not like it was when I was younger is not lumpy from medication.  When I was hospitalized in 2015 once again the Pusherman doctors forced me to taken anti-psychotic drugs even though I was not and have never been psychotic. About a one or two after I was released from that hellhole called Kings Country Hospital I threw the pills in the garbage and never looked back.  Medical treatments are worse than the conditions they are supposed to cure.  Anyway I’m glad I escaped and that’s a place I promised myself never ever return.




Carnival Cruise 2004
2004 Carnival Cruise



Pause Down Memory Lane


Snapshots are pauses in times. Happier times.  Better times. When I was younger, healthier and with less worries.  The present is composed mostly of tears, stress and wishes to return to better times. Maybe the fluctuation in emotions is due to that other Pause in Women’s Lives MenoPause or it is the frustrations and struggles of daily life.  The increase in responsibilities as you get older with the burden I’m carrying growing heavier with each year while my body grows weaker with age and disease.

Photos take you back down Memory Lane.



Memory Lane – Minnie Riperton

Your Easter Egg Says You Are Religious

What my Easter egg says about me is true. I am a very spiritual person who despite my tough exterior many times I just come home from work and cry in the shower or bath. The job is frustrating with no resolution. 

I’m only happy when I am not at work or with my brother Stephen. ♡ ☆