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Sylvester_Rumpled Bed
Sylvester on Rumpled Bed


Sylvester misses me when I leave for work. He gets really excited when I return home.


When Tom Jones had his TV show I thought that he was one of the Sexist men alive!! Still do!! He was Fine as Wine!!



Caturday, April 15th ~~ 2017

Caturday, April 15th ~~ 2017




The Below video illustrates what happens when trying to exercise with cats around your house. In one scene you see the guy Planking and the cat decides to get involved. The same thing happened to me with my late great kitty cat Weezer (he crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 2015) who decided that he would just go under me and stay there while I was doing my plank. Lucky for us both I did not fall or keel over!!

Sylvester & Weezer
Sylvester & Weezer Watching over their Kingdom. Weezer passed away Dec. 2015.



Sylvester playing who let the Cat in the Bag!!





Sylvester’s Palm Sunday April 9th~2017


Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: April 9, 2017

Sylvester’s Palm Sunday April 9th~2017

I don’t think this is what Jesus or Wayside Baptist Church had in mind for the Palms but Sylvester had a ball playing with them!!  I do believe that God has a sense of humor otherwise he would not have created cats or humans!! LOL!!  ❤  🙂   😀


Sorry for the quality of the video. Some parts of the house are dark but you can hear Sylvester’s Meow’s of Joy as we play Chase the Palms!!