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Yesterday I Spoke with Dixie from OPWDD (Office for People With Developmental Disabilities) in Albany. OPWDD Falls under the domain and jurisdiction of the New York State Governors office. I learned that services and programs for Autism/Developmentally/Intellectually Disabled New York State citizens is funded through the state but they get the bulk of their money from the Federal Govt.
The Federal Govt determines what and how much funding these programs and services receive. So for those of you who don’t believe that decisions the government makes won’t affect you. Well Think again. Today it is my brother Stephen and the people who reside at QCP Bellerose or go to the AABR Day Treatment Center.
Tomorrow even though you might not have a family member with Autism either you or someone you Love may get into an accident, suffer TBI Traumatic Brain Injury or you could have an illness that affects your cognitive and/or physical abilities. Truthfully the aging process will affect you in some way. The Bible says that the Outward man perishes day by day.Being a Christian will not protect you from illness or injury so that’s why you need to participate in the government process so you can get the benefits, services and programs you will need should your health decline. Barring death by injury or accident you will get older and your body will change as will your physical abilities.
November 2008 I had a minor stroke which affected the vision in my left eye. High Blood Pressure. I became a Pre-Existing condition. Fortunately for me I belong to a Union DC 37 and my workplace provides me with health benefits. Even the Health Insurance did not pay for everything but Thank God filing for bankruptcy got me out from under all those debts. Bankruptcy is a Blessing. As are Unemployment, Food Stamps, Soup kitchens and Food pantries. I know because I’ve had to make use of all these government programs. My brother Stephen receives SSI and Medicaid. One day if I live to be 65 I will receive Medicare. Yes we do need all these Blessings & Benefits and Yes it is the job of the United States Government to care for the citizens!  Don’t get it twisted!
So that’s why I call.  Don’t wait until it is too late and suddenly you or your family need the benefits and find they no longer exist.
If the benefits/Government Assistance don’t exist never will you after a while!

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